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Ashley Joyce
Similarities vs. Differences
Fri Sep 2, 2011 20:43

Wilfred does a great job researching by trying to figure out what a memory is. When a person wants to know something, he/she will do their research by trying to find an answer. Wilfred wants to help Miss Nancy get her memory back. In order to do that, he had to find his answer. Wilfred goes to all of his friends to find the meaning of "memory." He didn't stop at the first answer that he received; he wanted more. He did his research before trying to help Miss Nancy.

Once Wilfred gathers his research information, he uses it to gather items that he can use to teach Miss Nancy about memory--which helps her remember times in her life.

Teaching and research go hand in hand. In order to teach sometimes you must do research first. You can't always have one without the other. Also, sometimes as a teacher we assign our students projects in which they must research a topic and present it (or teach it) to the class.

  • Use this threaded discussion topic area to discuss your thoughts in response to the questions you were asked to consider as you read and/or listened to Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge. Don't just... more
    • teaching vs. researching - landersgl, Fri Sep 9 16:10
      The act of teaching and researching are quite similar. Teachers naturally conduct research when they pose questions, do assessments and alter their teaching based on students’ needs and the findings... more
      • Teaching vs. Researching - Marlee Wright, Sun Sep 11 14:29
        I agree with you - researching this way is a valuable tool for a teacher, and I think that, if results are shared among colleagues, all of whom are doing similar research, it can be of even greater... more
    • The difference between teaching and researching is perspective taking. How are we teaching? From whose perspective? Do we try to make sure our students see it through the teachers' eyes only? Are we... more
    • Teaching vs. Researching - fisherwn, Tue Sep 6 21:40
      I commented on other people's posts but I realized that I never completed my own. I would have never have thought to use the book to go hand in hand with teaching and researching. It fit together so... more
      • Teaching vs. Researching - Sarah Patten, Wed Sep 7 14:24
        The difference between teaching and researching is perspective taking. How are we teaching? From whose perspective? Do we try to make sure our students see it through the teachers' eyes only? Are we... more
    • Teacher and Researcher - lanierrm1, Sun Sep 4 22:26
      I would have never thought of using this children's book for such a topic. It was wonderful and made me think of the book in a completely different way. I had heard this story before and found it so... more
    • Wilfrid as Teacher and Researcher - Ruth Ann Timmons, Sun Sep 4 18:28
      "What is a memory?" What a wonderful question and topic for a children's book! I think Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge was, even as a child, an excellent teacher and researcher. I believe his... more
      • Reply to Ruth Ann - Whitney Fisher, Tue Sep 6 20:53
        I like how you brought up the point about how Wilfred used his own memories to teach Miss Nancy. She saw the different objects that were important to Wilfred and the objects brought different... more
      • continuously gathering information - Marlee Wright, Mon Sep 5 21:52
        I like that thought, that good teachers are continuously gathering information. That is so true - I think that a teacher who is not gathering information from her students' work is stagnating. We... more
      • Reply To Ruth Ann - crousejs, Sun Sep 4 20:23
        I agree with you that teachers need to engage in continuous research to gather and implement new ideas to make sure that we are delivering the NCSCOS and ensuring that our students are meeting those... more
    • My thoughts on Research and Teaching - crousejs, Sun Sep 4 17:24
      When I first looked at the book we were going to use to help jump start our discussion on research, I thought; “Um, that’s a great children’s book. I wonder what it has to do with research and... more
    • Wilfred Gordon McDonal Partridge - Ginger Landers, Sun Sep 4 13:01
      Wilfred was a young boy who asked his parents the question, “What is a memory?” “He was always asking questions.” That is an interesting point because children are constantly inquiring and trying to... more
    • Wilfrid Gordon: Researcher/Teacher - Marlee Wright, Sat Sep 3 23:18
      As I listened to and re-read Mem Fox's book, I was struck by the relationships that Wilfrid Gordon had built with the residents of the "old people's home," and the different ways he connected with... more
      • Reply to Marlee - burchamal, Sun Sep 4 17:28
        I like that you wrote "Wilfrid considered the old folks reliable and valuable resources." It is important that when doing research we are gathering from those reliable and valuable resources.
    • Teaching Vs. Researching - hicksrd1, Sat Sep 3 17:50
      In the story, Wilfrid seamlessly transitions from a researcher to a teacher. In the beginning of the story, Wilfrid is extremely curious. He wants to learn what a memory is, so he goes on a journey... more
      • Reply to Rachel Hicks - crousejs, Sun Sep 4 17:50
        I agree with your statement completely. I do believe that teaching and researching are seamlessly interwoven. I also agree with you that they are both meant to be engaging. As teachers, we need to... more
    • Teacher/Researcher - Sarah Hutson, Sat Sep 3 16:18
      In the story of Wilfrid Gordon, the child becomes a researcher to learn what a memeory is. He questions many people until he has an idea of what a memory is to him. Then he collects all these things... more
      • Reply To Sarah - crousejs, Sun Sep 4 20:30
        I liked what you said about the teacher needing to research her/his subject in order to know more about the problem. It just occurred to me how much time Wilfrid probably spent with Miss Nancy and he ... more
    • Similiarities/Differences - Kara S, Sat Sep 3 08:54
      Wilfrid became a researcher in the story when he learned Miss Nancy had lost her memory. He wanted to know what it meant to lose your memory. Wilfrid hearing his parents talking about Miss Nancy... more
      • reply to Kara - Lori Vestal, Sun Sep 4 06:41
        He did go to various people to get the meaning of memory and those people were his teachers in a sense, then he used that information to also become the teacher to Mrs. Nancy. I think many times we... more
      • Teaching students to be researchers - hicksrd1, Sat Sep 3 18:15
        I love the fact that Wilfrid went to more than one person to find out what a memory was to them. I think that it is important for us to teach our students to seek out different sources. That they... more
        • reply to Teaching students to be researchers - Ginger Landers, Sun Sep 4 23:47
          I agree that as a researcher you cannot rely on one source but instead use various and reliable sources.
        • multiple sources - Marlee Wright, Sat Sep 3 23:29
          I liked that too - I agree, when we do our own research we need to use multiple sources, and we need to guide our students into finding numerous resources. If we only use one source, and that source... more
    • Re: Similiarities/Differences Between Research and Teaching - Similiarities and Differences, Sat Sep 3 08:42
      Wilfrid became a research in the story when he learned Miss Nancy had lost her memory. He wanted to know what it meant to lose your memory. Wilfrid hearing his parents talking about Miss Nancy began... more
      • reply - Sarah Hutson, Sat Sep 3 16:31
        Wilfrid did not settle on one response, just like with good research, we use many ideas or thoughts to conclude a final idea.
    • Similarities/Differences - Lori Vestal, Sat Sep 3 08:01
      Wilfrid liked all the old people at the home, but Mrs. Nancy was his favorite. He realizes that she is struggling because she has lost her memory. When Wilfrid discovers this problem it spurs him... more
      • Research guides teaching - Marlee Wright, Sat Sep 3 23:25
        I very much agree with the point you made, that research guides good teaching. I think that all too often teachers become comfortable doing things they have always done, in the same way that they... more
      • knowing our studentsI - hicksrd1, Sat Sep 3 18:11
        I agree with you. It's important for us to understand all of our students. There are so many different learning styles, and we must figure out who each student learns best. From there we can tailor... more
      • Reply to Lori - Whitney Fisher, Sat Sep 3 08:35
        I really like what you said a lot! To be able to teach students we have to know where the students are. What do they not understand? What do they need help with? By knowing more about your students... more
    • Similarities vs. Differences - Ashley Joyce, Fri Sep 2 20:43
      • Research to Teach - Ruth Ann Timmons, Sun Sep 4 20:34
        You bring up a great point that in order to teach a new skill, we must understand it first ourselves. Prior to requiring students to research or do projects that require research, we must have done... more
      • They go hand in hand - MaryBeth, Sat Sep 3 04:40
        I agree that teaching and research go hand in hand. I think the most effective teachers are constantly using research (whether formal or informal) to guide their instruction. Sometimes research... more
        • we research daily - lanierrm1, Sun Sep 4 22:32
          We are constantly reseaching the best ways to teach our students and what works best for which students. I agree research does enhance what is going on in the classroom. In a room of 20+ students it... more
    • Similarities and Differences - burchamal, Fri Sep 2 17:56
      Wilfrid's constant posing of the question "What is a memory?" was a poignant illustration of research. Wilfrid used multiple sources, i.e. the residents of the old folks home, to understand and pull... more
      • Re: Similarities and Differences - Kara S, Sat Sep 3 08:52
        I agree with you. As teachers we do our research upfront, but in the end we hope we deliver our lessons so we make momories for our students that can/will empower their life.
      • Re: Similarities and Differences - Anonymous, Sat Sep 3 08:44
        I agree with you. As teachers we do our research upfront, but in the end we hope we deliver our lessons so we make momories for our students that can/will empower their life.
      • reply to Burchamal - Lori Vestal, Sat Sep 3 08:09
        Teachers do have to research in order to guide their instruction. I sometimes wish as a teacher, I felt I had more time to reseach multiple resoures and apply those findings to help my students.
        • time - Marlee Wright, Mon Sep 5 21:58
          I agree - sometimes I feel that time is one resource that is in short supply! There are so many facets to teaching these days, so many directions in which we are pulled - sometimes I feel like just... more
      • Re: Similarities and Differences - ashley joyce, Fri Sep 2 20:45
        I totally agree with you and just realized that we basically had the same opinion about doing research as a teacher before we can actually teach sometimes. :)
    • In the story, I believe Wilfrid’s research began when he asked the question, "What is a memory?" He had a purpose for seeking information. Once he posed the question, he began researching. This began ... more
      • collaboration - Marlee Wright, Sat Sep 3 23:15
        I had not really thought about the collaboration with colleagues as research - I was thinking more in terms of researching as data gathered from different forms of assessments. I think you're right,... more
      • Collaboration - hicksrd1, Sat Sep 3 17:56
        I agree with you, many times we as educators research through collaboration with our peers as we meet in grade level meetings, while walking in the halls, or by sharing our resources over the... more
      • reply to Sarah Atkins - SarahHutson, Sat Sep 3 16:22
        I like how you mention that he had a purpose. All research and teaching has to have a purpose. It is a very scientific process, questioning, collecting data, testing the theory, drawing a conclusion. ... more
      • Collaborate with colleagues - MaryBeth, Sat Sep 3 04:49
        I like when you said that teachers often conduct research even when they don't realize they are doing so, specifically when they collaborate with colleagues. I think this type of informal research... more
      • Research - beasleylm, Fri Sep 2 17:45
        I agree with you Sarah in that we are doing research as teachers in our classrooms every day and sometimes not even realizing that we are. We definitely want what is best for us and even to go as far ... more
      • Reply to Atkinssh - burchamal, Fri Sep 2 17:42
        I also think it is important to acknowledge that Wilfrid used MANY different sources to gather his information, asking the question "What is a memory" over and over.I agree that Wilfrid let the... more
    • Teaching and researching - Tonya Isenhour, Thu Sep 1 21:57
      I felt like Wildrid acted as a teacher by making connections with people by common interests. For example, a teacher would inquire about interest and hobbies to find an entry point for getting... more
      • Reply to Tonya - Whitney Fisher, Tue Sep 6 21:08
        I think you brought up a great point about how Wilfred connected with Miss Nancy and therefore helped her remember her past. Like you said we have to help students make connections. Why is it... more
      • Reply to Tonya - crousejs, Sun Sep 4 18:00
        I thought your post was right on the money. I also believe that teachers are researchers and that we have to find various strategies to meet the needs of our learners. As teachers, we should know... more
      • Making Connections - hicksrd1, Sat Sep 3 18:03
        As a teacher it is important for us to make connections. At my school we work with a large ESL population. It is important for us to have those tangible objects that can transcend any language. It... more
        • 21st Century Learning - burchamal, Sun Sep 4 17:32
          I agree fully. With the emphasis on 21st century learning skills, we as teachers must provide many opportunities for connections and providing stimuli from all facets of media.
      • Response to Tonya - Lori Vestal, Sat Sep 3 07:28
        I agree that in order for teachers to be able to connect with their students they have to take the time to get to know their students. This information can go along way because knowing background... more
      • Connections - beasleylm, Thu Sep 1 22:13
        I agree completely with this. Getting our students to make connections can be one of the most difficult things to do, but it is so important for them. Wilfrid did his research to help make the... more
    • I believe that Wilfrid first acted as a teacher and researcher when he posed the question of what is a memory? He listened to the answer he received and drew from his own experiences as he sought out ... more
      • Experiences - Ruth Ann Timmons, Sun Sep 4 20:27
        You are so right! A good teacher not only uses the research but presents pieces of themselves and their experiences too. You never know when something you say or share from your own views will strike ... more
      • Nakita - Lori Vestal, Sat Sep 3 07:31
        I don't think I have ever considered myself as a researcher, but we are. Teachers see a problem and tackle it to try to best meet the needs of her students.
      • Drawing off your own experiences - Amanda Solesbee, Thu Sep 1 21:30
        You are right, when Wilfrid posed the question of what is a memory, he was then becoming a researcher which later led to him being a teacher. Teachers do draw off their own experiences when trying to ... more
        • Re: Drawing off your own experiences - Tonya Isenhour, Thu Sep 1 22:11
          I like drawing upon own experiences. I like the different responses to what a memory was to all the different people. Because all of us have our own perspectives. Tonya
    • Similarities and Differences - beasleycm, Thu Sep 1 17:10
      After reading this book, I realized that researching and teaching go together well. With research, you have a question, you observe, and look for answers to your questions. You have to test ideas to... more
      • Re: Similarities and Differences - Kara S, Sat Sep 3 08:49
        Teaching is constant researching. I like the way you phrased that we are constantly testing out our methods and seeing which ones work and which ones do not work with our students. I believe that is... more
      • Re: Similarities and Differences - Ashley joyce, Fri Sep 2 20:47
        Miss Carla, I know I am always looking for new ideas in my room. I always want to find something better in order to engage my kids in what I am teaching.
      • Teachers are researchers - atkinssh, Thu Sep 1 22:37
        Carla, you are right about how teachers are researching new ideas and strategies all the time in their classroom in order to help their students. I know that I am always looking for the best method... more
      • Teaching reply - beasleylm, Thu Sep 1 22:08
        This is very true and I didn't realize how true it was until reading this book and actually thinking about it. We are doing research every day to better ourselves as teachers and using that research... more
      • Re: Similarities and Differences - Tonya Isenhour, Thu Sep 1 22:00
        I agree!! As teachers we are searching for new information, new strategies to delivering information! Good job.
    • Teaching/Research - Ashley Montgomery, Thu Sep 1 09:55
      When I first read these questions I didn't really think about teaching and research being that closly related. I think of research as spending hours in a library reading long articles and books that... more
      • i agree - lanierrm1, Sun Sep 4 22:38
        I too have always thought of reserach in the terms of what I did in school. For example when you would do a "research project." We usually had to pick a topic or person and spend hours finding... more
      • Observation - Ruth Ann Timmons, Sun Sep 4 20:21
        I too had never really thought of teaching and research being so similar. But Wilfrid's story is an excellent depiction of their link. I'm so glad you mentioned observation! It is something we do all ... more
      • Teachers ARE researchers! - Amanda Solesbee, Thu Sep 1 21:33
        Exactly! Teachers are researchers and they don't even know it! I try to tell my co-workers that all the time, and they disagree. We are always researching new ideas and strategies to help our kids... more
        • Teachers ARE Reseachers - burchamal, Fri Sep 2 17:57
          Amen sister! I also think that we as teachers must be the best examples for our students on how they can be researchers!
        • Reply to Teachers ARE researchers - atkinssh, Thu Sep 1 22:48
          I agree, as well. Although it is informal research, it is research nevertheless. I google ideas constantly and I am always asking my colleagues for different ideas to help my students learn. If... more
        • Re: Teachers ARE researchers! - Tonya Isenhour, Thu Sep 1 22:03
          Amanda, I agree! I like the way a younger teacher is helping more experienced teachers find new ways to look at themselves as professionals!! I know I am always looking for new ideas or activities so ... more
      • Reply to Teaching/Research - beasleycm, Thu Sep 1 17:14
        This is the same way I thought about research. Then when you think about it, teachers research constantly to find new ideas and practices that work.
      • teaching/research begin with observation - MaryBeth, Thu Sep 1 12:59
        I like how you mentioned that your first thoughts of research were spending hours at the library. How true! That's certainly my memory of research while I was in college. I also found it interesting... more
    • Wilfrid is both a teacher and a researcher in this text by Mem Fox. He is a researcher when he “wanted to know more” and begins asking questions, gathering different perspectives from multiple... more
      • Balance - Marlee Wright, Sat Sep 3 23:42
        I liked what you said about having a balance of research and teaching to create an optimal learning environment - we need some of both to effectively reach our children and prepare the best lessons.... more
      • Reply to an Optimal Classroom Environment - atkinssh, Thu Sep 1 22:45
        MaryBeth, I agree that an optimal classroom environment is one that balances teaching and research. A good teacher doesn't keep doing the same ole thing if it isn't working. Research should guide... more
      • Good Teaching Enhanced by Research! - Amanda Solesbee, Thu Sep 1 21:26
        I agree with you MaryBeth! Good teaching is enhanced by research as research guides your instruction and can really increase the learning in your classroom. If students didn't have questions, then it ... more
      • Reply to Research and Teaching - beasleycm, Thu Sep 1 17:19
        I agree that the classroom and teaching are enhanced by research. Teachers have to stay on top of the latest theories and methods. We test what we have researched and conclude if the new method works.
      • Re: Research and Teaching--Similarities/Differences - Ashley Montgomery, Thu Sep 1 09:57
        I think that you are right. Our teaching is enhanced by research. We continuously seek out the most researched strategies and practices to use in our classrooms.
    • teaching/researching=perspective taking - Sarah Patten, Wed Aug 31 15:50
      Teaching and researching is perspective taking. In a way-shouldn't they be the same? If you want to get a wider scope of what something means-don't you get other people's opinions and experiences to... more
    • A "teachable" book! - Amanda Solesbee, Tue Aug 30 21:22
      Wilfrid was a young boy who lived next door to an old peoples’ home. When he visited the home, he would talk to several guests and he found out what they liked to do or what made them who they were.... more
      • Reply to Amanda - Whitney Fisher, Tue Sep 6 21:13
        I think sharing what you have learned with others is vital! In your response you talked about sharing what you have learned with other teachers. Collaboration and working together is so important for ... more
      • reply to "Teachable Book" - Sarah Hutson, Sat Sep 3 16:29
        Research is also important when it comes to diversity. One lesson can take on many forms for many different students. Something that we have taught one way for several classes may need to be... more
      • Research as investigation - MaryBeth, Sat Sep 3 05:04
        Very well stated! I think one of your statements about research is very true. You state that when we research, we are investigating and trying to find out more information. Research can be simple... more
      • Re: A "teachable" book! - Ashley Joyce, Fri Sep 2 20:50
        Anytime I want to know something new I simply hop on the internet in order to do my research. Anything I want to know is always there which makes researching easier. More people are more likely to do ... more
        • Internet Research - Marlee Wright, Sat Sep 3 23:37
          I do the same thing...but I have become more selective in the sites I search, as I have progressed through grad school. I have become increasingly aware that all of the sites I find are not totally... more
      • reply to a teachable book - beasleylm, Wed Aug 31 20:14
        I agree with you Amanda in that they are very similar. I have done the same thing myself if I wanted to know more about something that I didn't know much about. They go very well together. I also... more
    • Similiarities and Differences by Lori - beasleylm, Tue Aug 30 21:03
      This is a great book to show the similarities and differences in teaching and research. Wilfrid does a great job in teaching and researching because he is trying to help Mrs. Nancy get her memory... more
      • research/teaching puzzle - Ruth Ann Timmons, Sun Sep 4 20:07
        I agree teaching and research go hand in hand. To be effective as a teacher you need to have efficient skills as a researcher and be able to utilize your findings to help your students. I like your... more
        • puzzle - lanierrm1, Sun Sep 4 22:42
          It is just like a puzzle. YOu have to have all the pieces to make it work. I hadn't thought of it that way. If you don't have all the pieces though you don't see the big picture. We have to have... more
      • Reply to Lori B - Sarah Hutson, Sat Sep 3 16:25
        I like how you mentioned that teaching a researching is like putting a ouzzle together, "If one piece is missing, it won't work". I often have had to revamp a lesson because upon teaching it, I... more
      • Comparison - atkinssh, Thu Sep 1 22:26
        I like how you compared research to a puzzle. I had never thought of it that way, but that's a very good analogy. It's true that the research is the gathering and the learning process. In order to... more
      • Re: Similiarities and Differences by Lori - Tonya Isenhour, Thu Sep 1 22:08
        I like the wording of puzzle. Very nicely put. He did find out different "meanings" to what a memory was. So he started "plugging" in his information to which piece worked for her! I like that. Tonya
      • A Puzzle! - Amanda Solesbee, Tue Aug 30 21:33
        Great wording! Both teaching and research rely on each other. Research is the gathering process, just like you said. After you gather everything together, you can puzzle it together and form a great... more
        • comment to A Puzzle - Ginger Landers, Sun Sep 4 23:43
          That's a great idea to use the book as an introduction for a service or research project! Thank you for the suggestion.
        • Amanda S. A Puzzle - Lori Vestal, Sat Sep 3 08:15
          I checked out the website. It also gives a history of the book, and she explained how she came up with the characters, which I thought was pretty interesting. It made the book feel a little more... more
          • author's website - Ginger Landers, Sun Sep 4 23:41
            Thank you for the suggestion of looking at the author's website. I found it interesting that she said her purpose for writing the book was to illustrate the connections between elderly and young... more
        • Re: A Puzzle! - Ashley Montgomery, Thu Sep 1 09:59
          Thanks for sharing the link to this website.
        • more about book - Sarah Patten, Wed Aug 31 20:47
          Great idea about using this book to kick off a service project or any research project!!
          • book - Amanda Solesbee, Wed Aug 31 21:32
            I read it today, and the kids loved it! I actually had two girls cry because they got so connected with the character. I shared with others in the school, and by the end of the day 5 other teachers... more
            • That's what teachers love!! - Sarah Patten, Thu Sep 1 15:05
              It's wonderful when it "clicks" with students in understanding each person is unique! Each person has their own story about what "something means" and its importance to them.
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