RE 5040 Fall 2011
Kara S
Re: Similarities and Differences
Sat Sep 3, 2011 08:49

Teaching is constant researching. I like the way you phrased that we are constantly testing out our methods and seeing which ones work and which ones do not work with our students. I believe that is the best practice we can use. It is a revolving door. We research, teach, then determine if what we have just done was effective.

  • Similarities and Differences - beasleycm, Thu Sep 1 17:10
    After reading this book, I realized that researching and teaching go together well. With research, you have a question, you observe, and look for answers to your questions. You have to test ideas to... more
    • Re: Similarities and Differences - Kara S, Sat Sep 3 08:49
    • Re: Similarities and Differences - Ashley joyce, Fri Sep 2 20:47
      Miss Carla, I know I am always looking for new ideas in my room. I always want to find something better in order to engage my kids in what I am teaching.
    • Teachers are researchers - atkinssh, Thu Sep 1 22:37
      Carla, you are right about how teachers are researching new ideas and strategies all the time in their classroom in order to help their students. I know that I am always looking for the best method... more
    • Teaching reply - beasleylm, Thu Sep 1 22:08
      This is very true and I didn't realize how true it was until reading this book and actually thinking about it. We are doing research every day to better ourselves as teachers and using that research... more
    • Re: Similarities and Differences - Tonya Isenhour, Thu Sep 1 22:00
      I agree!! As teachers we are searching for new information, new strategies to delivering information! Good job.
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RE 5040 Fall 2011