RE 5040 Fall 2011
Marlee Wright
Sat Sep 3, 2011 23:15

I had not really thought about the collaboration with colleagues as research - I was thinking more in terms of researching as data gathered from different forms of assessments. I think you're right, though, and in that sense, we do research all the time as we ask other teachers how they taught a concept, or as we pose the question "How did ___ work for you?" If you think of it in those terms, teachers who are growing and improving their skills are constantly researching.

  • In the story, I believe Wilfrid’s research began when he asked the question, "What is a memory?" He had a purpose for seeking information. Once he posed the question, he began researching. This began ... more
    • collaboration - Marlee Wright, Sat Sep 3 23:15
    • Collaboration - hicksrd1, Sat Sep 3 17:56
      I agree with you, many times we as educators research through collaboration with our peers as we meet in grade level meetings, while walking in the halls, or by sharing our resources over the... more
    • reply to Sarah Atkins - SarahHutson, Sat Sep 3 16:22
      I like how you mention that he had a purpose. All research and teaching has to have a purpose. It is a very scientific process, questioning, collecting data, testing the theory, drawing a conclusion. ... more
    • Collaborate with colleagues - MaryBeth, Sat Sep 3 04:49
      I like when you said that teachers often conduct research even when they don't realize they are doing so, specifically when they collaborate with colleagues. I think this type of informal research... more
    • Research - beasleylm, Fri Sep 2 17:45
      I agree with you Sarah in that we are doing research as teachers in our classrooms every day and sometimes not even realizing that we are. We definitely want what is best for us and even to go as far ... more
    • Reply to Atkinssh - burchamal, Fri Sep 2 17:42
      I also think it is important to acknowledge that Wilfrid used MANY different sources to gather his information, asking the question "What is a memory" over and over.I agree that Wilfrid let the... more
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RE 5040 Fall 2011