RE 5040 Fall 2011
We have something in common!
Sun Sep 4, 2011 15:16

Dr. Koppenhaver,
First, I think you should meet a first grader of mine. He has spent two years in Kindergarten and this year is his first year in first grade. After administering the Early Reading Screening Instrument (ERSI) I was able to see that he hadnít yet mastered his alphabetic knowledge (recognizing uppercase, lowercase, or productions). I started initial consonant word sorts with him (b, m, s) and after 15 days of school he has mastered six letters (b ,m, s, c, f, l). If you could think of any additional readings or activities I could use with him to help him soar right along, I could greatly use them. Secondly, my father has been on a local fire department for as long as I can remember and now currently serves as the fire chief for his dept. My husband is also an assistant county ranger. So he fights fire locally in our county and is sometimes dispatched out to other states to help with fire control and disaster cleanup. So brave and courageous but so terrifying when their pagers dispatch them outÖ
--Jennifer Crouse

  • Dave Koppenhaver - koppenhaverd, Tue Aug 16 23:12
    Greetings. I am the instructor of record for this class. I came to Appalachian State 7 years ago (8?). I am particularly interested in any kids who struggle in learning to read, especially kids with... more
    • We have something in common! - crousejs, Sun Sep 4 15:16
      • struggling reader recommendations - koppenhaverd, Tue Sep 6 12:13
        Jennifer, Three cheers for you and your student's success. Three cheers for you for assessing the nature of his difficulties, figuring them out, and then teaching him in a way that apparently makes... more
    • Re: Dave Koppenhaver - Tonya Isenhour, Sat Aug 27 16:10
      Dr. Koppenhaver, I am Tonya Isenhour. We have spoke on the phone twice about my computer skills. Sorry, I am not as savvy as the other students. I am a graduate of ASU with a Physical Education... more
    • reply to your intro - MaryBeth, Sat Aug 27 13:37
      What a shame about the Teaching Fellows program. It's unfortunate to hear about so many valuable programs being cut these days. Guilford College isn't too far from where I live, and I find it to be a ... more
    • struggling readers - lanierrm1, Thu Aug 25 22:16
      In the first summer semester I took the reading disabilities class. It really opened my eyes to some things about children with disabilities and especially reading disabilities. I learned so much. I... more
      • Struggling readers - wrightmm, Sun Aug 28 14:06
        I was in that class, too, and really enjoyed it. I wish I had been able to take it during a full semester, because I know Dr. Ward had to condense things. There's so much that we need to know, and... more
    • Re: Dave Koppenhaver - ashley.montgomery, Thu Aug 25 17:14
      I am always looking for ways to help my struggling students. I look forward to learning a lot in this class.
    • reply to Dave - Lori Vestal, Wed Aug 24 21:20
      Being in special education, children with reading difficulties are my life. There are so many different disablities (other than learning differences) that teachers are being made aware of and having... more
    • Ready to Learn - hicksrd1, Sun Aug 21 22:29
      This is my first class as a graduate student. I am full of nervous energy and excitement. I am looking forward to learning some new things.
      • Reply to Ready to Learn - beasleycm, Wed Aug 24 16:39
        I was very nervous when I began this too....but it is a great program and I have learned so many things to help the kids in my class.
      • Re: Ready to Learn - Nakita Carson, Tue Aug 23 21:30
        Congratulations on beginning graduate school! I understand exactly how you feel because I was in the same boat last fall!
      • reply to hicksrd1 - burchamal, Tue Aug 23 20:12
        I have truly enjoyed all of my classes in the program. You will be so well-equipped to present solid literacy instruction in your own classroom!
        • ASU's Reading Program - koppenhaverd, Fri Aug 26 11:20
          Glad to hear the various encouragements in this strand. I'm the flip side of Amanda's comment: I've loved every course I've taught in this program. I love the practical focus of grad students who are ... more
    • Teaching Fellows - Amanda Solesbee, Sun Aug 21 16:02
      I hate that they cut that program! That was such a great program to have...will they have something else in place to assist with teaching?
      • Teaching Fellows plans - koppenhaverd, Tue Aug 23 21:08
        No plans to replace it with anything. Simply eliminated entirely from the state budget at present. They will honor the scholarships awarded to the four current classes. There is an outside chance it... more
    • Reply - Sarah Hutson, Sat Aug 20 23:51
      I am looking forward to a great class! Best wishes to your wife!
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RE 5040 Fall 2011