RE 5040 Fall 2011
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Can't Upload Photo!
Sun Sep 4, 2011 15:42

I cannot upload a photo to our class contact list using the Google Docs. When I click on the insert picture link, a message will appear telling me to log in, and when I do, it tells me I have an incorrect password. I donít see how it could be incorrect considering it is the same password I used to log in to obtain the document. But do you have any suggestions?

  • Questions, Comments, Suggestions - koppenhaverd, Sat Aug 20 20:36
    You should use this topic thread to post general questions, comments, and suggestions about the course, the syllabus, the calendar, the assignments, and anything else on your mind. It is your most... more
    • Emails-FYI - Sarah Hutson, Tue Sep 6 17:07
      Today, I found out the hard way that some of my notifications, emails, and password confirmations are being placed in the spam folder of my email account. I am using my appstate account for this... more
      • thanks Sarah, good advice - koppenhaverd, Tue Oct 4 10:52
        You've identified a common problem for all of us. Many times things we want/need get routed to a spam folder. If we don't check regularly, we never know. Thanks for the reminder.
    • please be more helpful and responsive - koppenhaverd, Tue Sep 6 11:41
      Folks are starting to post their comments and questions here. All have modeled wonderfully clear descriptions of the problems they are encountering. Marlee and Nakita also modeled how to make it... more
    • Can't Upload Photo! - crousejs, Sun Sep 4 15:42
      • Awesome! - crousejs, Tue Sep 6 22:14
        I'm not sure if it was the combination of restarting my computer and re-logging back in or if it was just trying a different computer but my picture is finally beside of my contact info. Thank you... more
      • Reply to GoogleDoc - Whitney Fisher, Tue Sep 6 21:24
        Hey Jennifer, I had a problem with GoogleDocs as well and I wasn't able to upload the photo. I don't know if this will help in your case but I had to switch to another computer and then it worked... more
      • thanks - koppenhaverd, Tue Sep 6 11:37
        Wonderfully clear description of your problem, by the way! Great model for the rest of us.
      • possible solutions - koppenhaverd, Tue Sep 6 11:36
        I have not encountered this difficulty, but here are some possible solutions: 1) log out, quit your browser, restart your computer, open your browser, log back in, see if it works now; 2) Go to... more
    • second assignment - Marlee Wright, Fri Sep 2 12:49
      I cannot pull up several of the links - the demonstration of the wiki use, the link to the explanation of the first task and the second and third tasks, or the Mem Fox book. Any suggestions? When I... more
      • 2nd week - Marlee Wright, Mon Sep 5 22:00
        Problem solved - a new browser downloaded, and all tasks and links were available and doable!! YAY!
        • 3 cheers for you - koppenhaverd, Tue Sep 6 11:38
          You solved your own problem! Be proud of yourself. Well done!
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RE 5040 Fall 2011