RE 5040 Fall 2011
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we research daily
Sun Sep 4, 2011 22:32

We are constantly reseaching the best ways to teach our students and what works best for which students. I agree research does enhance what is going on in the classroom. In a room of 20+ students it isn't one size fits all and I have to research where they are and what will work best for each one. I also rely on recent research to help me decide which practices are best and most effective. I ask questions daily and observe what my students are doing to decide where to go next. This maybe research in its simplest form but I think it is still research!

  • They go hand in hand - MaryBeth, Sat Sep 3 04:40
    I agree that teaching and research go hand in hand. I think the most effective teachers are constantly using research (whether formal or informal) to guide their instruction. Sometimes research... more
    • we research daily - lanierrm1, Sun Sep 4 22:32
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RE 5040 Fall 2011