RE 5040 Fall 2011
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Ginger Landers
hi Marlene
Mon Sep 5, 2011 01:07

I too enjoy teaching kindergarten, first and second grades the most! The excited a child expresses when learning a new concept is what has always compelled me to teach. I look forward to learning new research techniques in this class.

  • Marlee's introduction - Marlee Wright, Sat Aug 27 18:09
    I'm Marlene Wright, but I go by Marlee. I am a kindergarten teacher in the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools. After teaching music for several years, I got married and decided that I wanted to see ... more
    • hi Marlene - Ginger Landers, Mon Sep 5 01:07
    • Marlee's intro - Lori Vestal, Wed Aug 31 06:33
      I agree Marlee, I was an assistant in kindergarten before becoming a teacher and it is always amazing to see how they come in as babies and grow so much in 180 days.
      • Kindergarten - Marlee Wright, Wed Aug 31 21:09
        Yes, it truly is! I forget, from year to year, what the beginning of kindergarten is like, (maybe that is a lucky thing!) but at the end of the year, when I look back, I'm always amazed at the growth ... more
    • Kindergarten - Ruth Ann Timmons, Sun Aug 28 21:13
      Somedays I wonder what job I would have if I was not teaching, but then I can't actually see myself doing anything else. It's in my blood and what I love! Kindergarten has to be my favorite, they... more
    • I can read this! - MaryBeth, Sat Aug 27 18:37
      The last sentence you wrote gave me chills! Watching a child learn to read is so powerful.
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RE 5040 Fall 2011