RE 5040 Fall 2011
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Word Study presentation response
Sat Nov 19, 2011 14:11

I enjoyed the presentation. I haven't worked much with fourth grade in the past, but I have heard that there is a drop in reading comprehension around the time of fourth grade, and your presentation explained why that it. Very interesting. I have noticed from my work in the past with struggling readers that those who have difficulty identifying parts/chunks of a word, tend to struggle more with fluency and comprehension. Since you posted your presentation early, I'm assuming that some of your final data isn't in the presentation...I'm curious to know how the interventions you used specifically helped with fluency. I have a particular interest in fluency because that is the topic that I have been working on for this research project. Good job!

  • Lori Beasley/Amanda Burcham - koppenhaverd, Tue Nov 8 16:04
    Discuss Lori and Amanda's word study presentation here.
    • re: lori beasley/amanda burcham - Ginger Landers, Wed Dec 14 23:30
      Nice clear and organized presentations. I see that you had successful results incorporating word sorts, too. The "Word Build" program sounds interesting and seems like a good way to help students... more
    • Word Study - lanierrm1, Sat Dec 10 10:06
      I enjoyed looking at your presentation. Word Study is something I am constantly asking for more assistance with at school. This is an area I felt very lost in when I began teaching. I saw a gap in my ... more
      • Re: Word Study - beasleylm, Tue Dec 13 07:24
        Thank you! I think it is very important in all grade areas. To answer your question, I think it is great that you try to pick out more complex books that have more complex words in them. Discussion... more
    • Morphemic Decoding/Reading Comprehension - sarah patten, Sun Dec 4 18:11
      Like the research! Good job! We do Word Build as well! This is a useful tool. We try to use this at least 20 minutes a day. We have found that our ESL students still need more connections with these... more
      • Thank you! I really like the idea of drawing and acting out. I will have to start using that during my word build time. My ELL students do have a more difficult time making connections, so I will... more
    • Lori and Amanda - sarah hutson, Thu Dec 1 23:08
      First of all I want to say that I love Word Build! Kids seem to really respond positively to it because it is FUN! It makes learning new vocabulary seem like a game. The way you are using it seems to ... more
      • Re: Lori and Amanda - beasleylm, Wed Dec 7 13:46
        Thank you. Yes, the kids really enjoy this and are very engaged with word build because it is fun for them. They do not even realize they are learning new vocabulary words. We do all of this in... more
        • Re: Lori and Amanda - crousejs, Fri Dec 16 00:33
          I liked how your research also showed Word Build/Sorts benefits for your students and the educational gains they were able to make. If I were a 4th grade teacher, I would be using Word Build with... more
    • word study - Ruth Ann Timmons, Tue Nov 29 02:03
      Nice work! It has been a while since I worked with 4th grade but I remember having many students who were still struggling with comprehension due to difficulties with decoding. In kindergarten we... more
      • Re: word study - beasleylm, Thu Dec 1 22:23
        Thank you! It has been very beneficial for students and I really think it is a great way to help close the gap. I am hoping we will see some results at the end of the school year when they test.... more
        • Re: word study - Ruth Ann Timmons, Thu Dec 1 23:08
          That's right, the lovely end of grade tests. I bet you will see the benefits of using this strategy and your students will be that much more prepared. It is amazing what 4th graders are expected to... more
          • EOG's - burchamal, Thu Dec 8 16:04
            Yes I experienced the need for this this week while doing a practice test. The question asked what mildest meant and I had several students answer it incorrectly. So this week we worked on -est!
            • Re: EOG's - Ruth Ann Timmons, Fri Dec 9 16:56
              What a great example! Isn't it wild what we assume they know. I guess we also assume their homes provide the language rich environment we wish they all had!
    • Word Build, word sorts - Marlee Wright, Mon Nov 28 22:51
      Now, let me try again, this time with the right presentation on the right thread! I was interested in your study - and it makes me question where the break-down is in the skills we teach at the... more
      • RE: GAPS - Rachel Hicks, Tue Dec 13 19:44
        Marlee you brought up a good point. In Kindergarten we do teach our students how to look for "chunks" in words that they are decoding. I wonder if there is a difference between how we look for these... more
        • re: GAPS - Ginger Landers, Wed Dec 14 23:34
          Yes, reading and developing new strategies just happen naturally for some students. But it is difficult to teach a child to move from using sounds to decode words to using "chunking" strategies to... more
      • Re: Word Build, word sorts - beasleylm, Thu Dec 1 22:27
        I really believe that it is the complexity of the words. You would think that with all of the work in the lower grades, it would carry over to the upper grades. You can use the same word sorts from... more
    • Sorry... - Marlee Wright, Mon Nov 28 22:27
      My apologies, I posted the last entry on the wrong thread.
    • Fluency research - Marlee Wright, Mon Nov 28 22:14
      I enjoyed your presentation - in fact, I have watched it several times! I particularly liked the idea of having the students collect the poems in a poetry book. I have used that strategy with... more
    • Word Study - Kara Scott, Mon Nov 28 16:33
      Great job on your study ladies. I think the strategies you used with word sorts and the word build program were great. All of your students were able to show growth and that is great. The study met... more
      • Re:Word Study - burchamal, Mon Nov 28 17:07
        Thanks Kara. I've found through this study that word sorts and word building can be powerful tools to better understanding of words and how to tackle unfamiliar words while reading.
        • Re:Word Study - Kara Scott , Fri Dec 2 16:14
          How long does this process take daily?
          • Re: Kara - burchamal, Thu Dec 8 15:45
            I integrated the word study with my small group instruction so it took about 10-15 mins per day per group. If they didn't finish something in the group with me, they usually took it back to their... more
    • Response to Lori and Amanda - beasleycm, Wed Nov 23 10:38
      I thought the presentation was very beneficial. It is good to know that there is a program being used that shows results for all students. I know that this is a program that Surry County Schools... more
      • Re: Response to Lori and Amanda - beasleylm, Sat Nov 26 19:27
        Thanks! I believe that as of right now only 3-5 and middle school has been trained on the program, but I think it would be great to start the younger grades on the program as well. I think it would... more
    • Response to Lori and Amanda - Whitney Fisher, Mon Nov 21 21:55
      I have heard a lot about WorldBuild but have never actually used the program. It is great to know that all students (above, at, and below level) improved through using Word Sorts and the WordBuild... more
      • response to whitney - Ashley Joyce, Sat Dec 10 12:13
        I had heard of this as well but never actually used it. Its nice to know there is a program like this that touches base on every level of learning and is able to help students in this area of... more
      • Re: Response to Lori and Amanda - beasleylm, Sat Nov 26 19:29
        Thanks so much! Word Build is a great program and all of my students benefited from it. The final results were not in the presentation because we had not completed the study at the time. Now that we... more
        • multiple strategies important - koppenhaverd, Mon Nov 28 16:09
          I love that you approached the problems with more than a single solution. Teaching morphemes directly is useful (Word Build) but only helps with the morphemes taught, that kids don't already know,... more
    • Re: Lori Beasley/Amanda Burcham - Ashley Montgomery, Mon Nov 21 17:20
      I thought your study was very interesting. I am happy to hear that your students are becoming better reads and are also improving their comprehension at the same time. I have never heard of the... more
      • Re: Lori Beasley/Amanda Burcham - Ashley Montgomery, Mon Nov 21 17:21
        That should have been a question. Is the program avalible for younger studnets?
        • Re: Lori Beasley/Amanda Burcham - beasleylm, Mon Nov 21 17:46
          I don't think that it is available for younger students. I know in our training it was only for 3-5. It is also used in middle school ages. It may be available for 2nd grade, but I am unsure about... more
          • Re: Lori Beasley/Amanda Burcham - Nakita Carson, Wed Dec 7 19:45
            Was this a program implemented by the school system or by your school?
          • Word Build for K-1 - Marlee Wright, Mon Nov 28 22:55
            I would love to know if it is available for our grades...we are always looking for new strategies, and if this would help us to better prepare our students, we want to know about it!
          • morphemes and younger students - koppenhaverd, Mon Nov 28 20:05
            It would make sense that it is a 3-5 curriculum. Morphemic decoding is most useful in figuring out polysyllabic words (remember Lori and Amanda's discussion of the nature of the problem?). That sort... more
    • Re: Lori Beasley/Amanda Burcham - Nakita Carson, Sun Nov 20 16:27
      Great job! I've always thought there was some connection between increasing students vocabulary and comprehension! Word sorts are great tools to use for every level! That program sounds very... more
      • Re: Lori Beasley/Amanda Burcham - Ruth Ann Timmons, Wed Nov 30 13:32
        Nakita, I agree with you that word sorts are great for every level. Its one of my kindergarteners favorite stations during our workshop time. It is also fun for me to see how they progress as they... more
        • Kindergarten word sorts - MaryBeth, Sat Dec 3 12:23
          Ruth Ann- I'm just curious about how you implement word sorts with kindergarten. So it's a station that they do? Do you have to model what they need to do first, or can they manage it on their own. I ... more
          • Re: Kindergarten word sorts - Ruth Ann Timmons, Tue Dec 6 16:45
            In the past I have started word sorts by introducing the concept whole group first. Then during small group time, for several weeks, I work on teaching the kids how to sort words- the process. Once... more
            • Re: Kindergarten Word sorts - Rachel Hicks, Tue Dec 13 19:32
              Using picture cards and writing the words at the bottom of them is a create way to help my beginning readers understand the process of a word sort. GREAT ideas! Thanks
      • Re: Lori Beasley/Amanda Burcham - beasleylm, Mon Nov 21 21:39
        Thanks! There is definitely a connection. We are in the process of completing our final assessments and it is pretty amazing. I really like the Word Build program because it allows students to see... more
    • response to Lori/Amanda word study - Lori Vestal, Sat Nov 19 17:11
      Great job on presentation. I am not familiar with Word Build, but I do use word sort activities like the lists used in the ASU reading clinic. My students are very similar to your below grade... more
      • Re: response to Lori/Amanda word study - beasleylm, Sun Nov 20 16:12
        I agree with you on how our struggling readers really have a hard time with comprehension when they can't decode the words. I was very surprised when I started with my lower level students and they... more
        • Reply to Lori - atkinssh, Sun Nov 20 16:17
          That's great that your students are making progress! I like that the affixes are really studied per week. That gives them plenty of exposure and are more likely to internalize them... more
    • Word Study presentation response - MaryBeth, Sat Nov 19 14:11
      • Fluency and Comprehension - burchamal, Sat Nov 19 14:32
        Thanks Mary Beth! The issue of polysyllabic words and a student's ability decode is definitely something that hinders their fluency which leads to problems with comprehension. Lori and I both finish... more
        • Thanks - MaryBeth, Sun Nov 20 10:08
          Thanks! Yes, please keep me posted. Hope you get some great results!
    • Word Study - Rachel Hicks, Sat Nov 19 12:07
      Lori and Amanda, first off I want to say you two did a wonderful job. I really wished I could have seen your research last year when I was tutoring 4th grade reading. I love the fact that you all... more
      • Re: Word Study - Ashley Joyce, Fri Dec 9 11:26
        I agree! Rachel and I both had a fourth grade tutoring group last year. Seeing your presentation back then definitely would have helped. :) Great job!
      • Re: Word Study - beasleylm, Sat Nov 19 15:12
        Thank you so much Rachel. It is very true in our kids that if they do not know the vocabulary and the pollysyllbaic words, they are going to struggle with the text and comprehension. I have really... more
    • Morphemic decoding and Reading Comprehension - Amanda Solesbee, Fri Nov 18 23:37
      Lori and Amanda: Great presentation! I thought it was well planned out and presented well. Morphemic decoding and reading comprehension is what I call at “hot topic” in my world of teaching- just as... more
      • Not trying new things - Marlee Wright, Tue Nov 29 23:01
        I have seen the same thing, teacher who just want to do things the way they've always done them, no innovation or new approaches - how sad that is. I think those teachers are really doing a... more
        • Re: Not trying new things - whitney fisher, Tue Dec 13 22:19
          I think that's why research classes like this are really important. They remind teachers that there are a ton of resources out there. Also, we need to remember to use each other as resources.... more
        • visualizing - Amanda Solesbee, Thu Dec 8 00:00
          I agree and well said. I also was trying to visualize how I could use the two strategies in my own classroom. Though as we know, there are so many teachers out there that don't and won't change the... more
        • Re: Not trying new things - Nakita Carson, Wed Dec 7 19:42
          I agree Marlee! I think it truly comes out of a place of fear. They are afraid to try new things and only want to stick with what they are comfortable with. But education is ever changing and you... more
        • not trying new things - sarah patten, Sun Dec 4 18:17
          Isn't it depressing when teachers can't change their ways because it has been done this way for years...we need more out of the box thinking! No 2 children are alike. The more strategies or ways to... more
      • Response to Amanda - burchamal, Mon Nov 21 16:25
        Thanks! I know all upper Elementary teachers seem to have the same dilemma when it comes to decoding. I also use Words Their Way with my lower and mid level students. Exploring patterns help students ... more
    • word study - Tonya Isenhour, Fri Nov 18 19:23
      I just finished viewing Amanda and Lori's presentation. I felt like they did a thorough job with their research and presentation. I can tell they followed thru with their research. I liked how they... more
      • Re: word study - Ruth Ann Timmons, Thu Dec 1 23:24
        Tonya you made a great point. It is important to vary the way we present material. The magic square activity probably appealed to students who enjoy logic puzzles and might have been exactly the... more
      • Response to Tonya - burchamal, Mon Nov 21 16:27
        Thanks Tonya. I had several students who very much enjoyed the magic square. My boys especially looked at it more like a puzzle and looked forward to it every week!
    • Response to Word Study Presentation - atkinssh, Fri Nov 18 19:17
      I really enjoyed listening to your presentation of word study/Word Build. I am glad that you chose to research this type of instruction within your classrooms, especially with the inclusion of... more
      • Re: Response to Word Study Presentation - beasleylm, Sun Nov 20 06:10
        I felt the same way about the program when I first heard about it, but it is a great way for students to learn how to break apart words they are unsure of. On the reading EOG students that are... more
        • comp check - koppenhaverd, Mon Nov 28 20:07
          I'm eager to read your paper to understand the nature of the comprehension check. Was it text-based? Hope it wasn't just telling meaning of morpheme but rather applying it to figure out other word... more
      • response to word study/atkinssh - Lori Vestal, Sat Nov 19 16:37
        I am not familiar with Word Build, but I do use word study with all of my EC students. I agree that the time I have with my EC students is precious time that I cannot waste on doing activites that... more
        • Response to Lori - burchamal, Mon Nov 21 16:30
          I very much agree Lori! I try to work with my EC teacher keeping her posted on what type of word work, reading skill, math skills, etc. we are working on for that week. My lower level students seem... more
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