RE 5040 Fall 2011
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Re: Lori Beasley/Amanda Burcham
Mon Nov 21, 2011 17:46 (XFF:

I don't think that it is available for younger students. I know in our training it was only for 3-5. It is also used in middle school ages. It may be available for 2nd grade, but I am unsure about K-1. I can find out though!

  • Re: Lori Beasley/Amanda Burcham - Ashley Montgomery, Mon Nov 21 17:21
    That should have been a question. Is the program avalible for younger studnets?
    • Re: Lori Beasley/Amanda Burcham - beasleylm, Mon Nov 21 17:46
      • Re: Lori Beasley/Amanda Burcham - Nakita Carson, Wed Dec 7 19:45
        Was this a program implemented by the school system or by your school?
      • Word Build for K-1 - Marlee Wright, Mon Nov 28 22:55
        I would love to know if it is available for our grades...we are always looking for new strategies, and if this would help us to better prepare our students, we want to know about it!
      • morphemes and younger students - koppenhaverd, Mon Nov 28 20:05
        It would make sense that it is a 3-5 curriculum. Morphemic decoding is most useful in figuring out polysyllabic words (remember Lori and Amanda's discussion of the nature of the problem?). That sort... more
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RE 5040 Fall 2011