RE 5040 Fall 2011
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Amanda Solesbee
Reply to Atkinssh again
Wed Nov 23, 2011 21:54

Yes, just going by the 15 point discrepancy is a bummer...however, the "tier" steps are not all that great either. The advantage is that you can get those kids that need EC instruction tested when following the tiers, the disadvantage is that the tiers take forever to get to. The only way you can get through them quicker is if there is a parent request for testing. Sometimes it can take longer than one year to get them to tier 3 which leads to possible testing for EC placement.

Recording would be a great idea to help with your checklists. This way you can always go back and listen to the conversations and readings. I also record all my IRI's too, it is hard to get all errors recorded sometimes- especially with your struggling readers.

That makes sense now about your charts. I figured it had something to do with an odd number or something with one or two students. Sometimes when you average data, it ends up being very one-sided. When that has happened before, I ended up doing graphs for each individual growth. This way all growth was accounted for and understood individually. Maybe that would have helped since you had that one 5th grader that just read super fast? I also see that you had a lot of kids in your research, so that might have been too much to do. That is like with my group, we had between the three of us 16 students. That would have been way too much to look at on a graph for what we were doing. Thank you for explaining the chart though.

You are right, if you were to continue the interventions for a longer time you probably would notice a lot more growth. Your younger ones do need more time as they are still learning a lot of the basics, and developmentally are still growing too. All in all, I think your pace to start this research was great and I really appreaciate your response to my first long message to you! :-)

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    I know what you are saying about the students in the second and third tier. Those students who seem to be making no progress may not be getting the interventions that they need. I know this is true... more
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RE 5040 Fall 2011