RE 5040 Fall 2011
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re: fluency and poetry
Thu Nov 24, 2011 14:27

Thanks Amanda! I LOVE the coffee house idea! What a great suggestion! That would be so much fun to incorporate and would be a twist on readers theater which has been shown to increase fluency. I think the students would love it!

About echo reading, they didn't seem to mind it, but it was only used in the introductory portion of the lesson. As soon as we modeled the poem, we echo read it with them, and then the remainder of the time they either choral read the poem (only once), or they read it independently. I do think that if the students were much older, they would resist the echo reading though. They see it as being babyish, I'm afraid.

About expression...I agree with you that when students read with expression, they seem to be more interested in the text and comprehend it better. I think it is something that some students pick up on relatively quickly, and with other students it seems you have to always be working on it.

  • Fluency and Poetry - Amanda Solesbee, Tue Nov 22 23:49
    I thought repeated readings using poetry was a great idea and presented very well. There is a 3rd grade teacher at my school now that has tried the exact same thing, and she has had great results... more
    • Re: Fluency and Poetry - whitney fisher, Tue Dec 13 22:58
      I love the idea of having a coffee house for students to read poems aloud. It makes poetry and learning fun and new! Did your students really enjoy that time?
    • re: fluency and poetry - MaryBeth, Thu Nov 24 14:27
      • Fluency and Poetry - Amanda Solesbee, Wed Dec 7 23:50
        Awesome! My students do love the coffee house idea! It is an ASU original :-) I agree with you with the echo reading, my students don't like it at all because they are older. I think with poetry they ... more
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RE 5040 Fall 2011