RE 5040 Fall 2011
Re: Response to Lori and Amanda
Sat Nov 26, 2011 19:29

Thanks so much! Word Build is a great program and all of my students benefited from it. The final results were not in the presentation because we had not completed the study at the time. Now that we have completed the study and got the final results, we saw great improvement with using this program. Word sorts are great too and I really enjoy using these with all of my students.

  • Response to Lori and Amanda - Whitney Fisher, Mon Nov 21 21:55
    I have heard a lot about WorldBuild but have never actually used the program. It is great to know that all students (above, at, and below level) improved through using Word Sorts and the WordBuild... more
    • response to whitney - Ashley Joyce, Sat Dec 10 12:13
      I had heard of this as well but never actually used it. Its nice to know there is a program like this that touches base on every level of learning and is able to help students in this area of... more
    • Re: Response to Lori and Amanda - beasleylm, Sat Nov 26 19:29
      • multiple strategies important - koppenhaverd, Mon Nov 28 16:09
        I love that you approached the problems with more than a single solution. Teaching morphemes directly is useful (Word Build) but only helps with the morphemes taught, that kids don't already know,... more
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RE 5040 Fall 2011