RE 5040 Fall 2011
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Kara Scott
Response to Fluency
Mon Nov 28, 2011 16:28

Ladies I though this was very well done. I like the examples shown of how you used many levels of poetry to help increase fluency. I also think it was great you used more than one measure to record your results. I think it would benefit the readers in Randi's class to continue the study throughout the year to help with fluency. Great Job!

  • MaryBeth Davenport/Randi Lanier - koppenhaverd, Tue Nov 8 16:04
    Discuss MaryBeth and Randi's reading fluency presentation here.
    • re: reading fluency using poetry - Ginger Landers, Wed Dec 14 23:04
      I think it is great how your students developed an appreciation of poetry and enjoyed reading from their poetry journals. I hope that with more time, the reading fluency rates will increase and... more
    • Re: MaryBeth Davenport/Randi Lanier - Ashley Joyce, Sat Dec 10 11:21
      Wonderful job on the presentation! I thoroughly enjoyed listening to your research. I feel like the intervention you did 3 days a week is something I would use in the classroom myself. I feel like it ... more
    • Re: MaryBeth Davenport/Randi Lanier - Nakita Carson, Sun Dec 4 21:07
      Excellent presentation ladies! Reading fluency is such a tricky thing! Our school uses Imagine it and they really are pushing using reading fluency to improve comprehension. Did you see a connection... more
      • re: Nakita - Ginger Landers, Wed Dec 14 23:08
        I agree that reading fluency is tricky! It is hard for students to not rush through texts (losing some comprehension) if they feel like they are being timed (for an assessment) or even if they are... more
      • fluency and comprehension - lanierrm1, Sat Dec 10 10:13
        I am seeing now even a few weeks after the study ended that my students are reading more fluently and comprehending better. I noticed as I read with my highest group on Thursday during small groups... more
        • great news - MaryBeth, Mon Dec 12 11:11
          That's awesome Randi! I'm so glad you are continuing to see fluency growth. That's great news :)
      • Fluency and comprehension - MaryBeth, Mon Dec 5 10:34
        Thanks Nakita. I think there is absolutely a connection between reading fluency and comprehension. We noticed as students' fluency improved as we progressed through the interventions, that... more
        • Re: Fluency and comprehension - Nakita Carson, Tue Dec 6 19:44
          Poetry makes for an excellent source to use for reading! Before Imagine it :( I used to always incorporate a poetry unit into my teaching of reading!
    • Reading Fluency - sarah patten, Sun Dec 4 16:30
      Enjoyed this! How nice, to have 11 students who read above grade level! Isn't poetry GREAT!! I like your intervention plan-modeling, echo, choral, and notebook reading independently 3 times!! I like... more
      • Re: Reading Fluency - Ashley Joyce, Tue Dec 13 21:43
        Good idea! Children love to see and hear themselves on video. This could really help with getting children motivated!
      • recording students - MaryBeth, Mon Dec 5 10:28
        I love the idea of video recording the students to help with fluency! I think that would be beneficial for them to see/hear how they truly sound. One of the obstacles I think we had is that they... more
        • Re: recording students - Nakita Carson, Tue Dec 6 19:47
          Those pipes that people use as reading phones would also make for a wonderful tool to help students hear themselves read.
          • pipes - Amanda Solesbee, Wed Dec 7 23:55
            I recently just got some of those pipes for reading to themselves and my 5th graders love them! They say it is a way to keep their reading level a secret but they are still able to hear themselves... more
    • Mary Beth and Randi - sarah hutson, Thu Dec 1 00:09
      I think using poetry to help readers with smoothness, accuracy, and expression was a great way to instruct! I liked the repeated readings that you used in your intervention plans. I, too, wondered... more
      • Re: Mary Beth and Randi - MaryBeth, Thu Dec 1 21:13
        Thanks Sarah! I guess the same intervention plan could be used to expand to other genres of literature as well. One reason why we loved the poetry and chose to implement it was because of the brief... more
        • Re: Mary Beth and Randi - crousejs, Thu Dec 15 23:56
          At the beginning of the year, I incorporate Nursery Rhymes/ Poetry in my reading groups for my beginning readers. They already have a concept of word and they love to sing/read these types of texts.... more
    • building fluency with poetry - Ruth Ann Timmons, Wed Nov 30 01:18
      Wonderful research, your presentation was clear and through. I like the idea of using poetry to build fluency. For many kids poetry can be intimidating. Your approach seemed to put students at ease... more
      • comprehension improvement - MaryBeth, Thu Dec 1 20:51
        I noticed improvements in comprehension. Randi might be able to answer this question better, but I think the students showed more interest in discussing the poems and their meanings as we got to the... more
        • WPM and interest - Amanda Solesbee, Wed Dec 7 23:53
          I agree with it slowing down your WPM, but if they are engaged and interested in what they are reading- forget the timing and let it flow. That is what good teaching looks like. You adjust and adapt... more
        • Re: comprehension improvement - Nakita Carson, Tue Dec 6 19:54
          Poetry makes for fascinating conversations because poetry is so subjective! It always for so study of so many different components of comprehension.
        • fluency and comprehension and 5040 - koppenhaverd, Sun Dec 4 10:15
          I like that you have a tempered response to the comprehension improvement issue: you describe a couple things you noticed. There is a clear link between reading fluency and comprehension in the... more
    • Response to MaryBeth and Randi - atkinssh, Wed Nov 30 00:10
      Great job, Ladies, on your project. It was well organized and I like the tools you used to measure your data. Carla and I also completed our project on reading fluency and I found it interesting that ... more
      • expression and personality - MaryBeth, Thu Dec 1 20:42
        I'm glad you saw some similarities in your project! The way you described your students having trouble reading with expression during echo reading is the exact thing that happened with us. Even when... more
        • Reply to expression and personality - atkinssh, Thu Dec 1 20:48
          I think you're totally right about each student's personality. One of the fifth grade participants in our study really stands out in my mind after reading your response. He is a very animated and... more
          • fluency is teachable - koppenhaverd, Sun Dec 4 10:41
            Your discussion here is first rate. You're distinguishing between general instructional principles (what works) and individual differences (what works for whom how). Your kids without expression... more
    • Fluency - Marlee Wright, Mon Nov 28 22:25
      I enjoyed your presentation - in fact, I have watched it several times! I particularly liked the strategy of a poetry book. I have used that with my kindergartners, using the Mother Goose poems, and... more
      • grouping/WPM - MaryBeth, Tue Nov 29 08:58
        Thanks Marlee! I love your idea of sending home a book of Mother Goose poems with Kindergarten students. It seems like children aren't exposed to nursery rhymes as much as they used to be, and that... more
        • WPM - Marlee Wright, Tue Nov 29 22:29
          I like the fact that you valued the appreciation and enjoyment the children exhibited with their reading. I think that sometimes we push them so hard for fluency...or speed...that we really lose the... more
          • sounds like the good old days - koppenhaverd, Sun Dec 4 11:17
            I remember teaching when WPM wasn't the instructional goal and more folks could do exactly what you suggest Marlee. Now you sometimes have to close your door and whisper to teach well. My hat is off... more
    • Response to Fluency - Kara Scott, Mon Nov 28 16:28
      • response to Kara - sarah patten, Sun Dec 4 16:35
        We have done poetry year round and have found it helpful in teaching fluency and expression. It would be great if you could have a parent audience each quarter for the readings. Maybe serve some... more
      • measures - Ruth Ann Timmons, Wed Nov 30 01:54
        I also liked their choice of assessments but am not familiar with the Multi-Dimensional fluency scoring guide. It does seem to be a perfect fit to be used with poetry and from the graph, the lowest... more
        • fluency scoring guide - MaryBeth, Wed Nov 30 10:10
          Ruth Ann- We found the Multi-Dimensional fluency scoring guide in one of our research review articles. It was very similar to a fluency scale that Randi and I had both used before, but we felt that... more
          • Re: fluency scoring guide - Ruth Ann Timmons, Wed Nov 30 12:07
            Thanks MaryBeth, that tells me a lot more about it and I understand it better now. I like the way you and Randi compared your scores and were able to determine their validity. Sounds like a great... more
      • continuing the study - MaryBeth, Tue Nov 29 09:28
        Thanks Kara! Randi wants to continue using it throughout the year and expand it to work with more students. I'll be very interested to see what kind of results she sees at the end of the school year. ... more
    • Reading Fluency - Rachel Hicks, Sun Nov 27 17:07
      Your presentation was very informative. First off, I am glad that you showed us how important it is to have a multitude of different assessments and how relying on one form of data alone can result... more
      • assessments - MaryBeth, Tue Nov 29 09:18
        Thanks Rachel! I'm going to let Randi respond about her principal, since we worked at her school. We did learn a lot from our assessments and how you can't only depend on one assessment to determine... more
        • required assessments - Rachel Hicks, Wed Nov 30 19:45
          In Kindergarten we don't have a lot of mandatory assessments. Most of our assessments are performance based, so that helps with the legitimacy to our assessments. However, when we give our students... more
          • re: required assessments - Marybeth, Thu Dec 1 21:05
            Kindergartners take bubble tests? Wow. I'm trying to imagine my oldest son (who is in Kindergarten) taking a bubble test.
    • reading fluency - Ashley J, Sat Nov 26 16:01
      I have heard before that poetry helps a lot with reading fluency. It was nice to be able to learn more about how poetry helps. My school participates in a scripted reading program for K-2. We read a... more
      • Re: reading fluency - Kara Scott , Fri Dec 2 16:13
        I use poetry as a reading fluency center. The students love it and it helps with thier fluency in reading. I put the poems on large chart paper and the students use pointers to practice reading the... more
        • Re: reading fluency - whitney fisher, Tue Dec 13 22:50
          I did a poetry center for 5th grade but it was mostly to work on figurative language but I could incorporate reading fluency into the center as well. I could tweak your idea for 5th grade and I think ... more
        • Poetry center - MaryBeth, Sat Dec 3 12:26
          That sounds like a great way to use poetry. Love that idea. Are the poems familiar to them? Have they been read or introduced prior to the center?
      • re: reading fluency - MaryBeth, Sun Nov 27 21:32
        Thanks Ashley! Are the poems in your scripted reading poems done as a read-aloud or as a whole class? Just curious. I'm sure it is a little hard to add extra "stuff" into the school day if you are... more
    • Re: MaryBeth Davenport/Randi Lanier - Ashley Montgomery, Fri Nov 25 12:20
      I like your idea of using poetry to increase reading fluency. It was a good idea to use short texts. I thought your intervention steps were well thought out. I like that you first modeled the poem... more
      • Reading with expression in kindergarten - Marlee Wright, Tue Nov 29 22:49
        I have had the same experiences with expressive reading. It makes me wonder if the children who do not read with expression have had people who read to them at home, and, if they have, how well those ... more
      • question - MaryBeth, Sat Nov 26 10:08
        Ashley- I meant to ask you...Have you found anything in particular that has helped your Kindergartners with expression? Just curious.
        • ouch - koppenhaverd, Sun Dec 4 11:25
          You all are put under way too much pressure. I wasn't even taught reading in kindergarten 50 years ago. I went to school half a day, still often fell asleep during nap time because I was so... more
          • one more thought - lanierrm1, Sat Dec 10 10:38
            If I recall correctly this summer when I did practicum in Mocksville I worked with a kindergarten student. She was below grade level but I recall I was concerned about how choppy etc. she was and I... more
          • fluency in kindergarten - lanierrm1, Sat Dec 10 10:32
            I wouldn't have thought they focused on fluency in kindergarten. I even questioned myself a little about it with my lowest students because one of them is only a level above the end of kindergarten.... more
            • Re: fluency in kindergarten - MaryBeth, Mon Dec 12 15:00
              I think we do push students too hard sometimes. I think about how many levels and abilities there are at each grade level. It makes it nearly impossible to reach every child. It seems like there has... more
      • re: Ashley Montgomery - MaryBeth, Sat Nov 26 10:04
        Thanks Ashley! Overall we did feel the interventions worked well, but it will be interesting to see what happens as Randi continues to use the interventions. The other elements of fluency seemed to... more
    • Response to Poetry - beasleycm, Wed Nov 23 10:53
      I liked the topic of your research and your intervention. I didn't think about poetry as an intervention, but I would like to try it in my classroom. I think it would be a great way to work on... more
      • poetry intervention - lanierrm1, Sat Dec 10 10:23
        I had never really thought of using it either until MaryBeth found the article about the Poetry Academy the teacher used in her classroom. I was very pleased not only did it help the students but... more
      • response to poetry - sarah patten, Sun Dec 4 16:39
        The neat thing about poetry is you can use all genres-ficiton, fantasy, nonfiction, etc...and be working on fluency as well! You cn also be learning about new things with poetry, too!
      • using poetry - Ruth Ann Timmons, Wed Nov 30 01:31
        I agree that using poetry is often overlooked as an intervention but kids enjoy it so. I can imagine students might be more willing to try reading poems, even ones above their reading level, simply... more
      • re: response to poetry - MaryBeth, Thu Nov 24 14:33
        Thanks! I would encourage you to give poetry a try. Our model didn't take more than about 5 minutes per group to implement, so it's something that is very easy to use in the classroom when you have a ... more
        • Poetry - Marlee Wright, Tue Nov 29 22:44
          You know, I don't use poetry in my class nearly as often as I should - and your research project makes me think that I need to make a greater effort to incorporate it regularly. As I listened to your ... more
          • re:Poetry - MaryBeth, Wed Nov 30 10:19
            When I was a Title I teacher, I used several Mother Goose rhymes with my Kindergartners and first graders and they just loved them. We would focus on one rhyme (or poem) a week and would only spend a ... more
    • Fluency and Poetry - Amanda Solesbee, Tue Nov 22 23:49
      I thought repeated readings using poetry was a great idea and presented very well. There is a 3rd grade teacher at my school now that has tried the exact same thing, and she has had great results... more
      • Re: Fluency and Poetry - whitney fisher, Tue Dec 13 22:58
        I love the idea of having a coffee house for students to read poems aloud. It makes poetry and learning fun and new! Did your students really enjoy that time?
      • re: fluency and poetry - MaryBeth, Thu Nov 24 14:27
        Thanks Amanda! I LOVE the coffee house idea! What a great suggestion! That would be so much fun to incorporate and would be a twist on readers theater which has been shown to increase fluency. I... more
        • Fluency and Poetry - Amanda Solesbee, Wed Dec 7 23:50
          Awesome! My students do love the coffee house idea! It is an ASU original :-) I agree with you with the echo reading, my students don't like it at all because they are older. I think with poetry they ... more
    • fluency - Tonya Isenhour, Tue Nov 22 20:33
      Great presentation! I liked how you used poetry to help with fluency. I also liked the "multidimensional fluency scoring guide." I have never used one of those before. I felt like your research was... more
      • re: fluency - MaryBeth, Thu Nov 24 14:30
        Thanks Tonya! The multidimensional fluency scoring guide was a really great tool. I'm glad we used it since our other data wasn't quite as supportive of our interventions. Not only is it easy to use, ... more
    • Response - Whitney Fisher , Mon Nov 21 21:46
      I have noticed in some of my experiences with students is their difficulty with reading fluency. Your intervention and procedures were explained thoroughly with the teacher reading the poem, the... more
      • reply to Whitney - MaryBeth, Tue Nov 22 09:08
        Thanks Whitney! I think reading fluency is one of those elements of reading that is sometime overlooked. When students first learn how to decode words and actually read, as teachers we are so excited ... more
        • Re: reply to Whitney - whitney fisher, Sun Dec 11 15:25
          A big part of reading fluency is remembering punctuation. A lot of times students have difficulty with commas, exclamation points, and periods. They have to learn to pause (my teachers always said to ... more
          • Re: reply to Whitney - MaryBeth, Mon Dec 12 11:15
            I definitely think that as teachers we MUST read aloud to our students. They need to hear the language read in a fluent manner. I wonder if some of our students who do have fluency issues, might not... more
    • Re: MaryBeth Davenport/Randi Lanier - beasleylm, Mon Nov 21 21:41
      Great presentation! I am a firm believer that fluency is a big part in students being able to understand and comprehend text. They have got to have that piece to be able to move farther. I really... more
      • reply - MaryBeth, Tue Nov 22 09:21
        Thanks! I agree that fluency is crucial to helping students comprehend and understand text. Poetry is a great way to help with fluency because it is so short. Our interventions didn't take more than... more
    • Fluency - burchamal, Mon Nov 21 17:52
      Great Presentation. Fluency is, I believe, an issue that spans all elementary grade levels. The use of poetry is a great way to get students to read text multiple times without it seeming too lower... more
      • reply - MaryBeth, Tue Nov 22 20:34
        Thanks! Appreciate the response. Using poems in the classroom can be a lot of fun. I agree...they are a perfect way to read text multiple times. I never really thought about that being an issue in... more
        • Re: reply - whitney fisher, Tue Dec 13 17:57
          This is a little off topic but in 5th grade we did a poem of the day. I would read the poem aloud and then students would work on reading them with expression and fluency. After awhile students would ... more
    • response to Marybeth/Randi - Lori Vestal, Mon Nov 21 17:45
      Nice presentation. I agree that the more data you can collect to support instruction, the better we are able to guide instruction. I have also seen my students with either one or the other,... more
      • response to lori - lanierrm1, Sat Dec 10 10:18
        I do think that continued practice will help the students with expression. I also see it in personality too though which seems weird. I think naturally some students are just more expressive. I had a ... more
      • expression - MaryBeth, Tue Nov 22 20:46
        Thanks for your response. I would hope that expression would improve with improved practice. That is one thing we were hoping to see as Randi plans on continuing to use the same intervention for... more
      • response to Lori - burchamal, Mon Nov 21 17:55
        I wonder that same thing. Prosody seems to be something that comes very slowly and only comes after repeated readings and constant practice. I would like to know if prosody would improve with fluency ... more
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