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My students in 1st through 3rd grade changed books each day. There were 2 reading trials implemented with each book. My fifth graders read 2 different poems each day, but with two trials for each one, just as the 1st-3rd grade group of students. Notes were taken each day that related to how the students read on each of the two trials. I will definitely be using Readers' Theater more often with my students. This created a lot of motivation and purpose for reading, whereas, with echo and choral, this was more difficult to do. Students really buy into Readers' Theater, especially because they are aware that their specific part is important to the rest of the group.

  • Reading Fluency - Rachel Hicks, Sun Nov 27 18:23
    I am glad that you shared the fact that you had to tweak your research question. I think you all did a great job with implementing so many different types of reading strategies. How often did your... more
    • Reply to Rachel - beasleycm, Mon Nov 28 19:16
      I use reader's theater in my classroom frequently. For the research project, it was small group and easier to do. However, I also use it during Teacher Directed Reading. This is also a script I got... more
      • Re: Reply to Rachel - crousejs, Thu Dec 1 22:47
        I went to the website that you mentioned because I knew that I needed to incorporate Readerís Theatre in my lesson plans more frequently so that I could help build their fluency and now that I... more
    • Reply to Rachel - atkinssh, Mon Nov 28 18:41
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RE 5040 Fall 2011