RE 5040 Fall 2011
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Mon Nov 28, 2011 19:12 (XFF:

I think that using a tape recorder would also be beneficial. However, I have not used this strategy yet. I need to make myself do this for my students. It could really help them push to the next level in reading.

  • Reading Fluency - Kara Scott, Mon Nov 28 16:26
    Great Job Ladies! I also use choral reading and echo reading in my own classroom to work with students who struggle with fluency. After viewing your research I would like to take a look at finding... more
    • model reading - Ruth Ann Timmons, Tue Nov 29 00:06
      I too believe that a good model is vital for a child to grow as a reader. Echo and choral reading gives students that model and builds their confidence without putting them on the spot. Readers'... more
      • confidence - Rachel Hicks, Tue Dec 13 19:56
        Most students that struggle with reading tend to have lower self-esteem. It is crucial for teachers to find different ways to boost their confidence. I agree with Ruth Ann when she says that "echo... more
        • re: confidence - Ginger Landers, Wed Dec 14 23:58
          Yes, I agree echo and choral reading does help kids get practice reading aloud without too much attention on themselves. It seems to be the best alternative to reading one-one-one with a tutor,... more
    • Reply to Kara - beasleycm, Mon Nov 28 19:12
      • Re: Reply to Kara - Kara Scott, Fri Dec 2 16:18
        I agree. I think that if they heard the way they sounded it would make sense to them what we are asking them to do.
    • Reply to Kara - atkinssh, Mon Nov 28 18:55
      I think that Readers' Theater is an excellent strategy to use with all students. I even had one first grade student participating in Readers' Theater. Given, he needed more support than some of the... more
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RE 5040 Fall 2011