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Word Sorts
Wed Nov 30, 2011 10:02

Nice presentation! I have never really had the opportunity to use words sorts before, so your presentation was really informative. Your data really shows significant growth with such a small amount of time invested in the actual intervention. I am new to the graduate program at App State, and I was wondering about the ERSI assessment you used. I've never heard of it, and I was wondering what do the students do in this assessment?

  • Ginger Landers/Jennifer Crouse - koppenhaverd, Tue Nov 8 16:06
    Discuss Ginger and Jennifer's alphabet and phonemic awareness presentation here.
    • Re: Ginger Landers/Jennifer Crouse - Ashley Joyce, Tue Dec 13 21:36
      Spelling is important. I won the spelling bee for my class like 8 times throughout elementary school. We are so focused on sounding out words that we forget that it is important to eventually know... more
      • re: Ashley Joyce - landersgl, Wed Dec 14 20:23
        Yes, that is so true. Spelling is very important. We rely so heavily on spell check and other technological features but developing the Phonetic rules, sight words and phonemic skills are extremely... more
    • Word Sorts - burchamal, Sat Dec 10 07:42
      Great job ladies! I also use word sorts in my class. Currently, I am using Words their Way and the spelling inventory that is included with the resources. But, I am interested in the ERSI test. I... more
    • word sorts-LOVE LOVE LOVE - Amanda Solesbee, Thu Dec 8 00:27
      I love word sorts!! Great work ladies  I use Words Their Way for my word study program and my students have responded really well to it. I love the variety of levels that meet preschool up to ... more
      • re: word sorts - Ginger Landers, Wed Dec 14 20:36
        Thanks for your message! I'm glad that you like using word sorts, too. It is wonderful how they can be differentiated for many different students.
      • Word Sorts - Marlee Wright, Sun Dec 11 22:32
        I have used Words Their Way, as well, with my more advanced kindergartners. They really liked the sorts they did, and it helped them to notice patterns in words more readily. I found it to be... more
    • Re: Ginger Landers/Jennifer Crouse - Nakita Carson, Tue Dec 6 19:34
      Wonderful research ladies! I love word sorts! They are such a great way to help the students make phonemic connections!
    • word sorts - Rachel Hicks, Mon Dec 5 19:00
      When I did my student teaching in 1st grade, we used word sorts. I think it is a great tool to help students learn how to spell their words. We too had a student who was unable to recognize his... more
    • Word sorts - Marlee Wright, Fri Dec 2 21:27
      I have used word sorts, too, and really found them to have good results...but I have never tracked the progress in detail like you did. Sounds like, when the students are working at the right levels... more
      • re: Word sorts - Ginger Landers, Sun Dec 4 22:43
        Thanks for your feedback! I'm glad that you have had successful results with word sorts, too! I think it's a great activity to incorporate into a literacy block, even if it is just for 15 minutes a... more
    • Sorts - Kara Scott, Fri Dec 2 16:10
      As a first grade teacher I was very interest in your research. I see great gains in your research. I do have one questions how time comsuming was this intervention to do daily with the seven students?
      • Re: Sorts - crousejs, Wed Dec 7 22:42
        I spent no more than 7-10 minutes with this group in one session per day. However, there were some days (especially Monday's when you introduce the sort) that it was probably a little more than 10... more
      • Good question - Rachel HIcks, Mon Dec 5 19:03
        When I used word sorts, the students received new words every week. Were students able to do other tactile activities to help them learn to spell the words?
        • Re: Good question - crousejs, Wed Dec 7 22:49
          I used the following “extras” for all groups. I used magnetic letters and a “look, make, write” activity that comes from Fountas and Pinnell that my county requires. I also used Sing a Song of Poetry ... more
    • Re: Ginger Landers/Jennifer Crouse - Ruth Ann Timmons, Fri Dec 2 00:17
      Very detailed presentation. I have heard of "Words Their Way" and always been curious about the program. From your research, it is clear to see the positive effects it is able to have on students who ... more
      • Re: Ginger Landers/Jennifer Crouse - crousejs, Wed Dec 7 22:51
        Our whole first grade team is on board with this program. I’ve had many discussions with our administrators about our gains in reading, writing, and spelling. I wish that it could be incorporated... more
        • Re: Ginger Landers/Jennifer Crouse - Ruth Ann Timmons, Fri Dec 9 16:58
          Good luck! I'm glad you've been able to get the word out and hope they will be open to the benefits.
    • Jennifer and Ginger - sarah hutson, Thu Dec 1 00:14
      I really enjoyed your presentation on word sorts. This is a very good example of differentiated lesson planning. Every child was receiving word study instruction on his or her level and study was... more
      • Spelling - Rachel Hicks, Mon Dec 5 19:06
        I agree that we have been moving away from spelling. We need to continue to teach our students how to spell and sound out their words. We are asking them to do these things when they read. Why not... more
        • Re: Spelling - crousejs, Wed Dec 7 23:01
          Kudos! I agree with you. I think that is what I love about word sorts the most. It has to be truly learned, applied, and their test is completely random. I can pick any word that fits their word sort ... more
          • word sorts test at random - Amanda Solesbee, Thu Dec 8 00:30
            YES YES YES! Truly learned, applied, and their test is random! 100% agreed! I always test them with 5 words from their list for confidence purposes, then test them on 5 other words that follow the... more
            • words at random - burchamal, Sat Dec 10 07:44
              That is genius and so obvious but I have never done that. I have been teaching with word sorts for a while now but I've only just used the words in the sort. I will definitely start throwing in words ... more
              • words at random - Ginger Landers, Wed Dec 14 20:46
                I hope you have good results using words at random. It does help to make sure the kids understand the pattern and not just memorized the word.
        • reply to spelling - Sarah Hutson, Tue Dec 6 10:51
          I agree!
      • Reply - crousejs, Thu Dec 1 20:59
        Thank you for your kind comments. I have taught spelling with three different programs now and this is the best one I have used so far. Our first graders love it! I had a child that was in the... more
        • Re: Reply - Ruth Ann Timmons, Thu Dec 1 23:52
          Isn't that a great feeling? I love to see a child who realizes their accomplishment and get to celebrate their success with them. Positive parental feedback is always a good thing.
        • reply to Jennifer - sarah hutson, Thu Dec 1 21:59
          How wonderful for that student! And getting positive parental feedback is awesome! You know when both student and parent are seeing results and are pleased, then you are doing something right!!!
    • Word Sort - Sarah Patten, Wed Nov 30 10:30
      What a thorough well done presentation! I loved how you compared words with their similarities and differences before you started the actual word search. Sometimes we don't do enough focusing on the... more
      • re: Word Sort - Ginger Landers, Wed Nov 30 11:59
        Thank you Sarah! Jennifer and I tried to make the presentation organized and easy to follow. I think by starting sorting the pictures into groups by attributes that the kids can easily understand... more
        • re: Word Sort - Ruth Ann Timmons, Thu Dec 1 23:43
          I agree with Sarah. Sorting by attributes first is an excellent way to not only activate prior knowledge about sorting, but check for understanding too. It is also a great way to review vocabulary. I ... more
    • Word Sorts - MaryBeth, Wed Nov 30 10:02
      • ERSI - Marlee Wright, Fri Dec 2 21:30
        I was wondering the same thing, I am not familiar with that test.
      • re: Word Sorts - Ginger Landers, Wed Nov 30 12:11
        Hi Mary Beth, I'm glad you liked the presentation! Thank you! I think how you noted that there wasn't a lot of time for the actual intervention is an important point. This group made large gains in... more
        • re: Word Sorts - crousejs, Thu Dec 1 21:08
          Go Ginger! I think that you answered that just right. As a first grade teacher the ERSI is the first thing I assess my children with. It really gives you a great deal of information. Immediately, I... more
          • ERSI links - koppenhaverd, Sun Dec 4 12:51
            Given the range of interest in the ERSI, I am providing some links that will get you to the instrument, an explanation of it, and a study that used it really thoughtfully. Ginger and Jennifer... more
        • ERSI - MaryBeth, Thu Dec 1 21:01
          Thanks for the info! I'm not a huge fan of Dibbles, so that's nice to have an alternate assessment to use!
          • DIBELS - Marlee Wright, Fri Dec 2 21:34
            Ditto that - not a huge fan at all. We have to use it, though, systemwide here, so we try to take the information we can glean from it and use it the best way we can. I would love to learn more about ... more
            • Re: DIBELS - Nakita Carson, Tue Dec 6 19:41
              Everything I have heard from younger grade teachers seems to be on the negative side when it comes to DIBELS. What drew the school system to it.
          • ERSI - Ruth Ann Timmons, Fri Dec 2 00:29
            I'm with you MaryBeth. DIBELS is not my favorite way to assess students either but sadly it is required. I try to stay positive and view it as another measure by which to gather additional... more
        • reply to Ginger/Mary Beth - Lori Vestal, Thu Dec 1 18:15
          You are right. ERSI was developed by Darrell Morris at ASU. If you are interested in using ERSI, there is a great reference book that I found on International Reading Association's website. It is... more
          • re: ERSI - MaryBeth, Thu Dec 1 20:59
            Thanks Lori! This is my first semester of classes, so I'm "new" to all of this. I was a Reading Recovery teacher for a few years when I first started teaching, and all of the training and assessments ... more
    • Reply to Ginger and Jennifer - atkinssh, Tue Nov 29 23:26
      Great job on your research project! I really enjoyed hearing about your intervention you used to help your struggling readers. I was really interested in the results that you obtained from your... more
      • Response to Ginger and Jennifer - sarah patten, Sun Dec 4 15:31
        I have found if you use all of your senses to teach phonetics-sometimes those struggling readers finally get it! The singing idea is about singing (Verbal); Listening (Auditory); Touching ... more
      • Re: Reply to Ginger and Jennifer - Ruth Ann Timmons, Fri Dec 2 00:40
        Love your ideas of tapping and singing the sounds. I have my students do similar things such as, stretching their hands as if pulling on a rubber band and clapping. Our wonderful speech teacher used... more
        • tapping out sounds - MaryBeth, Mon Dec 5 10:39
          Love the cereal idea!
          • Re: tapping out sounds - Nakita Carson, Tue Dec 6 19:39
            There used to be this list or book that listed lots of different ideas to help students gain phonemic awareness. Patricia Cunningham I believe was the author. I would have to look it up to be sure.
            • Re: tapping out sounds - whitney fisher, Mon Dec 12 18:15
              I love the cereal idea as well! This is a little random but we used a drum to tap out sounds and syllables and the students thought it was amazing. It's similar to clapping out the sounds but the... more
          • Re: tapping out sounds - Ruth Ann Timmons, Tue Dec 6 16:04
            I do too! Of course it is a hit with the kids as well. Such a fun and easy way to motivate and help achieve the goal.
      • Re: Reply to Ginger and Jennifer - crousejs, Thu Dec 1 21:13
        Wow! I never thought about that… singing the sounds! You want believe it but this same child that didn’t grow as much is EC and has already spent two years in Kindergarten. His EC teacher was only... more
      • re: Reply to Ginger and Jennifer - Ginger Landers, Wed Nov 30 12:33
        Thank you for your feedback! The students in our research group showed a lot of growth in the short time allotted for our intervention. I'm happy that you have had successful results using word sorts ... more
    • Re: Ginger Landers/Jennifer Crouse - Ashley Montgomery, Tue Nov 29 11:13
      I enjoyed listening to your presentation. I have never used the Words Their Way program. I like that it places students into different groups based on their spelling abilities. It sounds like your... more
      • Re: Ginger Landers/Jennifer Crouse - crousejs, Thu Dec 1 21:18
        That is terrific news, please let us know if there is anything else we can share with you. I am willing to share anything that I have created. I'm sure that once you start implementing it next... more
      • Re: Ginger Landers/Jennifer Crouse - Ginger Landers, Wed Nov 30 12:18
        Hi Ashley, Thanks for your comment! I really like using Words Their Way and have seen many students benefit from this program. As we stated in our presentation, it's nice that the word sorts can be... more
    • Word Sorts - beasleylm, Tue Nov 29 07:15
      Great presentation. The results are very clear in your study and how word sorts really do help all students succeed. I use word sorts in my 4th grade flex group time and even with 4th graders, I have ... more
      • Re: Word Sorts - crousejs, Thu Dec 1 21:22
        I have only been able to discuss word sorts with my first grade team and second grade. I know that word sorts can be used for any grade level based on a student’s developmental spelling stage. I... more
        • Re: Word Sorts - beasleylm, Thu Dec 1 21:54
          I think it is great that we are able to use word sorts based on our students needs in 4th grade. It would be awesome to consistently use word sorts starting very early and all the way through. I... more
      • re: Word Sorts - landersgl, Wed Nov 30 14:20
        Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed our presentation! We used graphs on excel through powerpoint and they were fairly easy to use. I liked how they were connected to powerpoint so we could make changes... more
    • Response to Ginger and Jennifer - Lori Vestal, Mon Nov 28 20:21
      Nice presentation. I use word sorts every week for all of my reading groups based on their level. I have to sometimes stay on the same sort, but use different words for several weeks before I can... more
      • Re: Response to Ginger and Jennifer - crousejs, Thu Dec 1 20:54
        The feature points from Words Their way, The Primary Spelling Inventory Feature Guide, come from what the children successfully represented in the word that was called out to them. So for the word... more
    • Alphabet and Phonemic Awareness Presentation - beasleycm, Mon Nov 28 19:25
      Your presentation was organized and well planned. Word sorts are something that I use in small groups and I agree they can help show positive results. I use multisyllable word sorts with my flexible... more
      • I could see my group that is in digraphs/blends progress towards multisyllable words by May. I’ve never had children that could read/spell at that stage before. I’m sure that second grade teachers... more
      • Thank you! We were hoping our presentation would be easy to follow along. Word sorts can be a great activity to incorporate into small group sessions. I like that the activity is hands-on for the... more
    • word sorts - Tonya Isenhour, Mon Nov 28 17:16
      Ginger and Jennifer, Excellent presentation. Your presentation was well thought out, organized and easy to follow step by step with pretesting all the way to post testing. I like how you used the... more
      • Re: word sorts - Ruth Ann Timmons, Fri Dec 2 00:48
        I also liked the organization of their research. I can imagine the daily plan made it easy for students to catch on quickly. If your class is anything like mine, they love routine and would look... more
      • re: word sorts - Ginger Landers, Wed Nov 30 14:26
        Thank you Tonya! We are happy that Jeniifer's students have made so much progress!
        • re: word sorts - crousejs, Thu Dec 1 21:29
          Yes we are and so are parents and administrators.
    • Reply to Word Sorts - Whitney Fisher, Mon Nov 28 17:07
      I think it is great that all of the students in Jennifer's class were able to take part in WordSorts even though you only did the study with seven of them. Your procedure for Word Sort groups was... more
      • Re: Reply to Word Sorts - crousejs, Thu Dec 1 21:43
        The easiest part is the program provides you with all most everything you need, right at your fingertips. It gives the scoring guide to go by in order to put students into their appropriate group,... more
        • Re: Reply to Word Sorts - whitney fisher, Sun Dec 11 15:28
          That sounds amazing to have all of those resources given to you! What do you normally have the students who are not in the small group you are meeting with doing? Are they doing centers or is your... more
        • Word sorts--an alternative - koppenhaverd, Sun Dec 4 12:56
          Word sorts in the way ASU will teach you to implement are exactly as Jennifer describes. It needs to be implemented in that way if you subscribe to the notion of mastery and a developmental sequence... more
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