RE 5040 Fall 2011
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fluency scoring guide
Wed Nov 30, 2011 10:10

Ruth Ann- We found the Multi-Dimensional fluency scoring guide in one of our research review articles. It was very similar to a fluency scale that Randi and I had both used before, but we felt that this one was a little more thorough and since it had been used to measure fluency in a couple of the research articles we read, we felt like it was a good choice. We also liked the fact that we could both rate the students fluency. As long as we were within one point of each other on each rating, we determined that our scores were "valid" and then we added them together to get an aggregate score. If our scores happened to have more than a one point difference, then we planned to listen to the recording of the student together and talk about why we scored them the way we did, we could come to a consensus. (Thankfully, that never happened!)

  • measures - Ruth Ann Timmons, Wed Nov 30 01:54
    I also liked their choice of assessments but am not familiar with the Multi-Dimensional fluency scoring guide. It does seem to be a perfect fit to be used with poetry and from the graph, the lowest... more
    • fluency scoring guide - MaryBeth, Wed Nov 30 10:10
      • Re: fluency scoring guide - Ruth Ann Timmons, Wed Nov 30 12:07
        Thanks MaryBeth, that tells me a lot more about it and I understand it better now. I like the way you and Randi compared your scores and were able to determine their validity. Sounds like a great... more
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RE 5040 Fall 2011