RE 5040 Fall 2011
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Marlee Wright
Block of time
Thu Dec 1, 2011 12:02

We focus mainly on working with beginning sounds and with rhyming words in that block, but we have the block of time each day. Keeping them in the flow of a daily time frame seems to help. We also have backed up the work to just the few sounds we have introduced, rather than lots of random beginning sounds. They first had to just learn which sound WAS the beginning sound and how to separate that sound from the rest of the word - and that process took about a week to accomplish! It is truly a work in progress, but we DO see progress, which keeps us going!

  • small group phonics - beasleylm, Thu Dec 1 09:57
    Really great presentation! I agree with Lori and how there is so much required of these little Kinders. The graphs were great and really showed the growth of your students. I wonder if you set aside... more
    • Re: small group phonics - Ruth Ann Timmons, Sun Dec 11 21:32
      Thanks! It is true, there is a great deal required in kindergarten these days, making it that much more challenging for students who come to school under prepared or with other underlying problems.... more
    • Small Group Phonics - burchamal, Thu Dec 8 15:58
      This is definitely a building block for our study. I found that some of my lower students lacked the ability to phonetically figure out a word. This made it even more difficult to morphemically... more
    • Block of time - Marlee Wright, Thu Dec 1 12:02
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RE 5040 Fall 2011