RE 5040 Fall 2011
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Marlee Wright
Fri Dec 2, 2011 13:53

That assessment is a developmental spelling assessment. There are word lists that go on up in levels, but for kindergarten, early in the year, we had them write 6 words. We looked at the beginning sounds they recorded, the ending sounds, and the vowel sounds. They were given credit if they represented the sound with the right letter or a reasonable substitution. There is a chapter in Morris' book - I think the title is "Every Child Reading" - that tells how to score it. What I liked about it was that, even though the scores were still pretty low, the students demonstrated that they were beginning to hear initial consonant sounds and be able to record them with some accuracy, which is a big step for those students. At the beginning of our interventions, they hardly knew what the beginning sound was! Another thing that I like about it is that, as the children's skills grow, you add word lists to the assessment that allow you to keep going and challenging them - you don't just stop and say "Ok, they have it!"

  • QIWK - MaryBeth, Fri Dec 2 11:33
    Great job! Your presentation was very clear and easy to understand. From your list of assessments, I noticed that one assessed letter identification, one assessed initial sounds, and then you also... more
    • Re: QIWK - Marlee Wright, Fri Dec 2 13:53
      • QWIK - Rachel Hicks, Mon Dec 5 17:48
        I learned something new! I have to learn more about QWIK
        • Re: QWIK - Ruth Ann Timmons, Sun Dec 11 20:27
          QIWK is my new favorite assessment to see what stage they are in for word/sound development. I'm excited to use this with the whole class when I return in January so I will know exactly where to... more
        • QIWK - Marlee Wright, Wed Dec 7 21:59
          We did too - we researched it as a result of a suggestion by Dr. Koppenhaver, and we found that we probably learned more about our students from that assessment than from any other assessment we have ... more
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RE 5040 Fall 2011