RE 5040 Fall 2011
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Kindergarten word sorts
Sat Dec 3, 2011 12:23

Ruth Ann- I'm just curious about how you implement word sorts with kindergarten. So it's a station that they do? Do you have to model what they need to do first, or can they manage it on their own. I thought about trying to use them with my 5 year old. He is really starting to take off with reading, and definitely has the CVC, CVCe words down, but with other unknown words, he seems to have difficulty looking past the first letter into the middle of the word.

  • Re: Lori Beasley/Amanda Burcham - Ruth Ann Timmons, Wed Nov 30 13:32
    Nakita, I agree with you that word sorts are great for every level. Its one of my kindergarteners favorite stations during our workshop time. It is also fun for me to see how they progress as they... more
    • Kindergarten word sorts - MaryBeth, Sat Dec 3 12:23
      • Re: Kindergarten word sorts - Ruth Ann Timmons, Tue Dec 6 16:45
        In the past I have started word sorts by introducing the concept whole group first. Then during small group time, for several weeks, I work on teaching the kids how to sort words- the process. Once... more
        • Re: Kindergarten Word sorts - Rachel Hicks, Tue Dec 13 19:32
          Using picture cards and writing the words at the bottom of them is a create way to help my beginning readers understand the process of a word sort. GREAT ideas! Thanks
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RE 5040 Fall 2011