RE 5040 Fall 2011
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Rachel Hicks
Reply: Diversity
Sun Dec 4, 2011 12:32

The ITBS test was a nightmare!!! There is absolutely no validity in the test for my ESL students (especially with my Karenni students). I say that because one of my students "filled" in the bubbles differently every time. It was cute in a way. The first time he bubbbled in one bubble per line. During the next session, he bubbled in all three. In the next session he circle the pictures, then left everything blank. He was just had that look on his face like, what do you want from me. But we will get our results from the ITBS test on Tuesday, so needless to say I am interested in what it proves. Our school is apart of the STAR3 program along with 15 other schools in the county. They are using the ITBS test as a means to gauge how students are in K-3 are progressing. For some STAR3 schools, there bonus is based on the percentage of growth their students make.

Please use the strategies, spending an extra 30 minutes with your students in a small group will really go a long way!

  • DIversity - Marlee Wright, Fri Dec 2 19:57
    You really do have a diverse population! That clearly presents a challenge for teachers, but it sounds as if you are really developing strategies to improve the opportunities for those children. I... more
    • Re: DIversity - Nakita Carson, Tue Dec 6 19:26
      I imagine with such a diverse population your staff has to be very well trained in cultural awareness.
    • Reply: Diversity - Rachel Hicks, Sun Dec 4 12:32
      • Re: Reply: Diversity - Ashley Joyce, Sat Dec 10 12:29
        I will second that. The ITBS test in Kindergarten was a nightmare! I had students who were literally stressed out because they didnt know if they were doing it "right." I had other students who just... more
      • standardized test tips - koppenhaverd, Sun Dec 4 23:00
        There are too many limitations to standardized testing to go into, which are only compounded by young kids and young ELLS kids not understanding how to even complete them. Another value of multiple... more
        • Re: standardized test tips - Nakita Carson, Tue Dec 6 19:29
          Amen! People in ivory towers have no place deciding what should happen in schools and classrooms!
        • Amen - Rachel Hicks, Mon Dec 5 18:29
          I couldn't have said it better!
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RE 5040 Fall 2011