RE 5040 Fall 2011
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Rachel Hicks
Sun Dec 4, 2011 13:05

The ITBS test stands for the Iowa Tests of Basic Skills. It test Vocabulary, Word Analysis, Reading Comprehension, Listening, Language, Mathematics in Kindergarten. It also includes science and social studies for the upper grades.
Our focus questions were simple, example: What are some different type of trees? How did the Rainbow Fish help? What makes a good friend?

  • response to Rachel and Ashley - Lori Vestal , Thu Dec 1 17:44
    To have a school that large and speaking 26 different languages means you have a very diverse school. I wondered what was the ITBS on data source 1? What types of focus questions did you use? Where... more
    • RE: - Rachel Hicks, Sun Dec 4 13:05
      • ITBS - Ruth Ann Timmons, Sun Dec 11 10:22
        I have heard teachers talk about this test but have not had any experience with it myself. Sounds like a "beefed up" version of our current K-2 assessments. I do remember taking the CAT (California... more
      • ITBS - Amanda Solesbee, Thu Dec 8 00:21
        I have never heard of this test before. Is it very well known in the school system in NC? Is it only used in certain types of schools? 26! How many do you know how to speak? I think... more
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RE 5040 Fall 2011