RE 5040 Fall 2011
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sarah patten
response to Ginger and Jennifer
Sun Dec 4, 2011 19:44

Good point! We did not ask the students if they saw their parents read shopping lists, driving signs or the computer. Those would have been great questions to ask both the students and the parents. I wonder if the computer reading would be more motivating than book reading?

  • re: motivating students to read - Ginger Landers, Wed Nov 30 19:33
    I enjoyed your presentation! I liked the charts and the surveys/assessments that clearly portrayed the growth your students have made. I think reading buddies are great; it's nice that you... more
    • response to Ginger and Jennifer - sarah patten, Sun Dec 4 19:44
      • Re: response to Ginger and Jennifer - Nakita Carson, Mon Dec 5 16:28
        Also, we did ask the students if their parents read to them at home and only one child said that they remembered being read to as a smaller child.
        • re: response to nikita - Ginger Landers, Tue Dec 6 19:53
          That's sad and I'm sorry to hear that!
          • re: response to nikita - Nakita Carson, Wed Dec 7 19:34
            Very sad! I end the day reading aloud to them and they enjoy it so much! I wish parents realized just how much their children would benefit from them reading to them.
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RE 5040 Fall 2011