RE 5040 Fall 2011
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sarah patten
respond to Whitney
Mon Dec 5, 2011 17:21

Yes I did work well! I did have to think about their art ability so I gave them a choice, if they were not into art they could write or I had them cut pictures from scrap magazines. Really it is not about the art-it is about using their own work and understanding story structure. It is neat to do this with different genres and then choose a student's story structure work for each. When you review-you can analyze components of each. We called it our "keys" to unlocking a story. Sometimes I have had the students draw these components on big keys and we put the keys in our "toolbox." I have the students decorate a cardboard box as our toolbox and talk about how a doctor does not prescribe medicine to a patient without his doctor's kit, a mechanic does not fix a car without his instruments and we do not understand story structure without our keys. We put the keys together with one of those circle connectors. It looks like a set of keys. I have had colors for each component, too-so your keys would be different colors. (Red=characters; Blue=setting, etc...)

  • Reply to Sarah - Whitney Fisher, Mon Dec 5 10:03
    That is a great idea about having the students draw the setting, characters, and events. I had not thought of that but I would definitely use that in the future. Students would be a part of creating... more
    • respond to Whitney - sarah patten, Mon Dec 5 17:21
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RE 5040 Fall 2011