RE 5040 Fall 2011
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Lori Vestal
reply to beasley
Mon Dec 5, 2011 19:13

While I have never had the opportunity to use reading buddies in my personal classroom, I know other classrooms do this often in my school, for example 5th graders read to kinders, etc and both grades really enjoy it. I remember my daugther having a reading buddy when she was in kindergarten and she still has an ornament that they made together and she is now in the 6th grade. Those are the types of learning experiences that goes beyond texts.

  • Response to Reading Motivation - beasleycm, Sat Dec 3 11:57
    Great job on your presentation! I thought the strategies used were great. In my classroom, we have a day where we partner read. However, I think that maybe doing this with another classroom where my... more
    • reply to beasley - Lori Vestal, Mon Dec 5 19:13
    • reading to younger students - Rachel Hicks, Mon Dec 5 17:27
      If it is possible I think it would be a great idea for your students to read to your students. By letting your students read easier books to Kindergarten and 1st grade students, you will not only be... more
      • Re: reading to younger students - Nakita Carson, Thu Dec 8 19:35
        Rachel that is exactly why I didn't want to necessarily have the students pair with a younger class initially. I wanted to get a more authentic feel for what motivated them without including younger... more
      • Buddy Reading - Amanda Solesbee, Wed Dec 7 22:45
        I agree with you Rachel, I have my 5th graders read with the kinders and they love it. Some students have different tasks I assign them, like for my AIG students, I have them work more on their... more
    • Re: Response to Reading Motivation - Nakita Carson, Sun Dec 4 21:17
      I agree! I think that I am going to try pairing with another class next semester. They really seemed to enjoy the interaction!
    • Response to reading motivation - sarah Patten, Sun Dec 4 15:17
      I think any time you give the students opportunities to read to others is beneficial. I do not think it matters on the age as long as the audience are attentive and willing listeners.
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RE 5040 Fall 2011