RE 5040 Fall 2011
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sarah patten
Response to Tonya
Tue Dec 6, 2011 21:06

I think you said it right-teachers continually make "adjustments" to their teaching in trying to make connections with a child. The research does not have to be overwhelming, but it does need to happen if we are going to try to make gains in helping children learn.

  • what did I learn - Tonya Isenhour, Tue Dec 6 12:13
    After taking this research class, I have learned that research does not have to be an "enormus" project only conducted in classrooms with professors making the assignment and studnents doing the... more
    • Response to Tonya - sarah patten, Tue Dec 6 21:06
      • Re: Response to Tonya - Nakita Carson, Thu Dec 8 19:38
        I agree! Teachers must research and readjust in the name of improving student performance.
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RE 5040 Fall 2011