RE 5040 Fall 2011
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Re: Addition to What I Learned
Wed Dec 7, 2011 19:57

I agree with Carla that I will continue to do research in my teaching career. It is very beneficial to our students because we are finding what is best for them. We are constantly reflecting, questioning, and theorizing to help our students. I agree that we are part detective because we are constantly trying to find ways to better our students and find out what works best for them. I also think it is very important to work with other people in your cohort and in your profession. When we all work together, we are able to come up with many great ideas compared to working by yourself. I thought it was great to work with a partner during this research project because we were able to reflect together and discuss our findings together. We were also able to come up with great strategies together.

  • Addition to What I Learned - beasleycm, Wed Dec 7 09:36
    I also learned that research is a part of teaching. Teaching must be seen as reflection, questioning, and theorizing in order to help students. As the article points out, as a teacher, you are part... more
    • Re: Addition to What I Learned - beasleylm, Wed Dec 7 19:57
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RE 5040 Fall 2011