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Wed Dec 7, 2011 21:33

I completely agree with you about the value of a simple act of appreciation, like, saying "Thank you." Sometimes people forget what a sincere "Thank you" can do for a teacher. We certainly didn't go into the field for the money!

On the topic of "the higher-ups" making decision for teachers without thinking to ask for our feedback, I also agree with you about the technology issue. It seems like this is a new trend and I know it's not going away (not saying that I think it should) but we need to realize that technology needs to be the tool as long as it aids in student learning and if it's practical. It should NOT be the focus of a lesson or even be used if all that it creates is a distraction from student learning. That's just like the Senteos (clickers) that our teachers were trained to use today for giving benchmarks. Instead of having students read the story and answer the questions by simply using a pencil, they now have to use a technological device that takes twice as long to use! All for a silly test! This is not to mention the fact that the test is too hard for 75% of the class anyway. It's a waste of instructional time that could be used to - here's an idea - TEACH! :)

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    Just as you realized the importance of teacher research and what it is, I also realized the same. My view on research was just to look something up and try applying it. I never thought there was a... more
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RE 5040 Fall 2011