RE 5040 Fall 2011
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Amanda Solesbee
Wed Dec 7, 2011 23:03

I also agree! I am a huge advocate for celebrating growth at whatever amount it might be at their instructional level. It is hard to get others to follow that celebration as for me in a testing grade, it isn't true growth unless they show it on the EOG test. How crazy is that?? That test does not show you how well a student reads and comprehends together. It is a marathon test to see how well you can read several passages, answer several questions, and stay awake long enough to remember everything your read 8 passages later. I can't wait until they go away! We start a new writing EOG for all subjects next year, so that will be interesting to see how they will rate growth.

  • response to Marlee on Standards - sarah patten, Tue Dec 6 20:58
    I agree! We do not celebrate the growth of each child! Some children show growth but not at the level required at that grade level. We need to rejoice with each child reaching a milestone even if it... more
    • Re: response to Marlee on Standards - Ruth Ann Timmons, Sun Dec 11 21:24
      You are right Sarah. It is important to help each child see their progress/success and celebrate their individual growth instead of always focusing only on the expectation levels set by the state.
    • growth - Amanda Solesbee, Wed Dec 7 23:03
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RE 5040 Fall 2011