RE 5040 Fall 2011
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Amanda Solesbee
story structure
Wed Dec 7, 2011 23:44

I notice in my class that teaching story structure is very hard at times. They have to know the basics first, how to sequence and find main details before even thinking about the story structure. I found that out quickly with my group this year. They were looking at me like I was speaking a foreign language when I asked them the about the story structure. Sometimes I forget that not all kids were taught everything or that not all kids understood what was taught in previous reading classes. Did mixing your students up in levels make it easier or harder? I find it to be harder as then I am teaching multiple levels at once in my small guided reading group. It will be ineresting to see the growth at the end of the year!!

  • Re: Whitney Fisher/Ashley Montgomery - Kara Scott, Mon Dec 5 18:24
    Great Presentation. Teaching story structure can always be tricky. Often in class we focus on the students who are struggling in one area or another. Why did you mix the groups with different levels? ... more
    • Grouping - Whitney Fisher, Sun Dec 11 00:14
      Thanks for your comments and question! We grouped our participants with a variety of different levels for a couple of reasons. Ashley knew that all 8 students were struggling with reading... more
    • story structure - Amanda Solesbee, Wed Dec 7 23:44
      • reply to amanda - whitney fisher, Sun Dec 11 00:18
        We were very basic in story structure because you're right it is hard to teach- especially with kindergarten students. We mainly focused on main character, setting, and sequence of events. We found... more
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RE 5040 Fall 2011