RE 5040 Fall 2011
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Amanda Solesbee
Same Path!
Tue Aug 23, 2011 23:11

I didn't realize you are on the same path as me. I only have three classes left after this semester as well :) I also plan on starting my doctorate right after too as I have already started some electives in the program. Good to see that Tonya and I are not the only Hickory Cohort people in the class! :)Hope all is well!

  • Lori Vestal intro - Lori Vestal, Tue Aug 23 21:14
    Hello, I am Lori Vestal. I think I am an "outsider" in this course. I am currently working on my Reading Masters through the Hickory Cohort. Lord willing, I will have 3 classes left after this... more
    • Special Ed. - burchamal, Sun Aug 28 14:31
      I am a regular ed classroom teacher, but throughout my courses in this program, I have really had my eyes opened to Special Ed...I love learning more about Special Education!
    • two spec educ in one rdg class! - koppenhaverd, Fri Aug 26 11:09
      Wow! You and Sarah both in the same reading masters' class. Awesome. Never had two at once. That's great for the field, for your kids, and for your commitment to their learning.
    • Reply to Lori V - Sarah Hutson, Fri Aug 26 09:41
      Wow...your life must be busy with four kids! I admire you!!! Best wishes and let me know if I can help in anyway!!
    • Same Path! - Amanda Solesbee, Tue Aug 23 23:11
      • Doctorate - crousejs, Sun Sep 4 15:21
        Best Wishes on getting your doctorate. I think I’ll try for National Boards—soon. -Jennifer
      • reply to same path - Lori Vestal, Wed Aug 24 20:36
        Would you happen to taking Dr. Schlagal's class on Thursday night? I am taking that class. I think it will be very interesting and infomative.
    • Woohoo, special ed! :) - atkinssh, Tue Aug 23 22:53
      Hi, Lori! I am a special education teacher too! Sounds like we may finish at the same time. I only have three classes left after this too...a light at the end of the tunnel, finally! That's great you ... more
      • special ed - Lori Vestal, Wed Aug 24 20:42
        What grades do you teach? I am teaching K-3 this year. I love my kids, the paperwork not as much, but my students are what makes it all worth it:) My daughter enjoyed UNC-C. She is testing her wings... more
        • Answer to Lori's Question - atkinssh, Wed Aug 24 21:48
          I teach K-5 resource and some inclusion. I mostly have K-2 students this year. I had nine out of my 16 or so students move on to fifth grade last year, so my schedule looks a lot different! I really... more
    • double tuition! - koppenhaverd, Tue Aug 23 22:29
      Ouch, two in college at the same time! I'll have to do that in two years. Any advice on financial survival :-)
      • Two in college - wrightmm, Sun Aug 28 14:01
        It isn't easy - we had 3 at App a few years ago! Now my twins are seniors there, and I'm in my second year of the masters I guess you could say we still have three in college! Luckily, I ... more
      • reply to double tuition - Lori Vestal, Wed Aug 24 21:01
        Pray for scholarships!! I told the boys that the first 4 years were on us and if they really wanted to go there, they had better start digging for some scholarships. I am thankful that they both did... more
        • scholarships well kept secret - koppenhaverd, Fri Aug 26 11:15
          My son at Guilford is costing us what in-state tuition would be elsewhere because of scholarship. Folks often forget that private schools cost more but also provide a lot more financial aid. And... more
    • Reply to intro - beasleylm, Tue Aug 23 21:36
      Hello Lori! Most people with the same name never spell it the same, so it is neat to see someone spell it the same way! I went to North Surry High School and we used to play Starmount and Forbush in... more
      • reply to lori B. - Lori Vestal, Wed Aug 24 20:51
        Yes, our names are rarely spelled the same and usually never get pronounced the same way either, but that's okay. My children went to East Burke High and we played Starmount a few years ago. No one... more
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RE 5040 Fall 2011