RE 5040 Fall 2011
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Amanda Solesbee
Last Year!
Tue Aug 23, 2011 23:13

I hope you have enjoyed teaching. I am also in my 4th year of teaching. I can't wait to finish this year so I have the "career status" that public school teachers get after teaching 4 years. I know it won't help with budget stuff completly, but it helps me get ahead of others who do not have the career status. Not sure if that is how it works where you are, but it is that way here and is so crazy at times! Good luck with your 4th year! I taught 4th grade for two years and loved it :)

  • Lori's Introduction - beasleylm, Tue Aug 23 21:33
    Hello! My name is Lori Beasley. This is my last year of graduate school. (Hopefully!!) I work for Surry County Schools at Dobson Elementary. I teach 4th grade and this is my 4th year teaching.
    • 4th grade - Ruth Ann Timmons, Sun Aug 28 21:45
      I did my student teaching in 4th grade, it's a great age.
    • Hey YOU! - Ashley Joyce, Fri Aug 26 22:43
      Hey girl! Its ashley Joyce.. I didnt know you were doing this program! :) That excites me!!!
      • Hey Ashley! - beasleylm, Sat Aug 27 08:28
        Hey girl! Yea...I didn't know you were either. This is my last year. Are you just starting? What else are you taking??
        • Re: Hey Ashley! - Ashley joyce, Sat Aug 27 20:15
          Yes, this is my first class! I am excited... How did you like the program? A lot of people tell me it's a lot of fun!
    • Reply to Lori - beasleycm, Wed Aug 24 16:26
      Hey Lori, I hope you get to feeling better soon. Thank you for helping me get started with this. Love ya!
      • Re: Reply to Lori - Tonya, Sat Aug 27 15:54
        Hey Lori, We had class together last fall and spring. I missed you this summer. I hope things are going well. I know you are near graduation. I am glad to know someone in this class.
    • Last Year! - Amanda Solesbee, Tue Aug 23 23:13
      • reply to 4th year - beasleylm, Wed Aug 24 16:14
        I have enjoyed teaching!! That is the same way we do in our county as well, but I did hear that a change is coming to NC about that. I will be glad when I no longer have to be observed 4 times during ... more
        • Observations - crousejs, Sun Sep 4 15:28
          I know how you feel about four formal observations. I thought I would be excited about two snapshots and a summative this year. However, I still feel nervous about only two… How do I get it all in... more
    • last year! - atkinssh, Tue Aug 23 22:51
      It feels good to say "last year of graduate school," doesn't it? :) Look forward to getting to see and talk to you again!
      • last yr too! - lanierrm1, Thu Aug 25 22:18
        This is the plan anyway. It should be my last year. 2 classes this semester, 2 next semester then graduation!!!! :)
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RE 5040 Fall 2011