RE 5040 Fall 2011
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reply to 4th year
Wed Aug 24, 2011 16:14

I have enjoyed teaching!! That is the same way we do in our county as well, but I did hear that a change is coming to NC about that. I will be glad when I no longer have to be observed 4 times during the year. We have to be observed 4 times each year during the first 4 years.

  • Last Year! - Amanda Solesbee, Tue Aug 23 23:13
    I hope you have enjoyed teaching. I am also in my 4th year of teaching. I can't wait to finish this year so I have the "career status" that public school teachers get after teaching 4 years. I know... more
    • reply to 4th year - beasleylm, Wed Aug 24 16:14
      • Observations - crousejs, Sun Sep 4 15:28
        I know how you feel about four formal observations. I thought I would be excited about two snapshots and a summative this year. However, I still feel nervous about only two… How do I get it all in... more
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RE 5040 Fall 2011