RE 5040 Fall 2011
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Kara Scott
Fri Dec 9, 2011 16:48

Thank You. I did find that my boys like the non fiction, but they also had a great interest in superheros. The survey listed various items and the students could check for expample cars, animals, farms, cartoon characters, movie characters, people, and so on.

  • Reply to Survey - atkinssh, Tue Dec 6 22:04
    Great job on your research and presentation! For the interest surveys that you asked your students to complete, did this include a question about how interested the students were in reading, in... more
    • RE - Kara Scott, Fri Dec 9 16:48
      • Reply to Kara - atkinssh, Mon Dec 12 22:21
        That's interesting...superheros...that sounds like a typical "boy" topic! I just got some books in my classroom about bugs and other animals that do some disgusting things. My boys grabbed these... more
        • re: reply to kara - Ginger Landers, Wed Dec 14 22:45
          Yes, all those subjects seem to be interesting topics for boys - superheros, "gross" stuff, animals, science fiction, cars, etc. It is important to remember to include materials of interest for boys... more
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RE 5040 Fall 2011