RE 5040 Fall 2011
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fluency and comprehension
Sat Dec 10, 2011 10:13

I am seeing now even a few weeks after the study ended that my students are reading more fluently and comprehending better. I noticed as I read with my highest group on Thursday during small groups they read more fluently and comprehended the text better. In fact the text I used with them on Thursday was a level higher than anything we used in the study. I think this really amazes me because I expect my lower kids to be less fluent but I didn't expect my highest kids to have such a problem with fluency. I do think for them realizing how much pacing, phrasing and expression effect the text has helped them out. I see lots of positives to using this method in my classroom. We are getting ready to do a whole class unit on poetry and I will be trying this with more of my students to see what the benefits are.

  • Re: MaryBeth Davenport/Randi Lanier - Nakita Carson, Sun Dec 4 21:07
    Excellent presentation ladies! Reading fluency is such a tricky thing! Our school uses Imagine it and they really are pushing using reading fluency to improve comprehension. Did you see a connection... more
    • re: Nakita - Ginger Landers, Wed Dec 14 23:08
      I agree that reading fluency is tricky! It is hard for students to not rush through texts (losing some comprehension) if they feel like they are being timed (for an assessment) or even if they are... more
    • fluency and comprehension - lanierrm1, Sat Dec 10 10:13
      • great news - MaryBeth, Mon Dec 12 11:11
        That's awesome Randi! I'm so glad you are continuing to see fluency growth. That's great news :)
    • Fluency and comprehension - MaryBeth, Mon Dec 5 10:34
      Thanks Nakita. I think there is absolutely a connection between reading fluency and comprehension. We noticed as students' fluency improved as we progressed through the interventions, that... more
      • Re: Fluency and comprehension - Nakita Carson, Tue Dec 6 19:44
        Poetry makes for an excellent source to use for reading! Before Imagine it :( I used to always incorporate a poetry unit into my teaching of reading!
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RE 5040 Fall 2011