RE 5040 Fall 2011
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Lori Vestal
response to Nakita
Sun Dec 11, 2011 07:17

I think to an extent all teachers are researchers. We are constantly looking for new ways to reach students who just do not seem to be getting it. I know when I completed my interest inventory, I learned alot about how my boys really felt about reading. I have used this information to plan for my reading groups. I am trying to hook students into first reading topics that interst them and then lead them on to other books that may not have been a first choice for them. I know that I will also continue to use the interst survey on all of my students in the future and not limit them to just my male readers.

  • What I Have Learned - Nakita Carson, Thu Dec 8 19:00
    Teacher as researcher has given me insight into the inner workings of my students. I learned so much about my students interest. Performing research in my classroom seemed almost natural. I guess... more
    • response to Nakita - Lori Vestal, Sun Dec 11 07:17
    • RE Nakita - Kara Scott , Sat Dec 10 15:40
      I agree with you that we teachers should be conducting our own research in our classrooms. Do you find it hard to do this? Before this year at the school I just moved from we were told what to do and ... more
      • Re: RE Nakita - Nakita Carson, Sun Dec 11 15:46
        I completely agree! They are trying to take the individuality out of teaching. I do find it hard to conduct research in my classroom for that very reason.
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RE 5040 Fall 2011