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beethoven sonates
Sat Jun 25, 2016 12:59

I could give you the score if you are interested in .
How ?

  • Re: a music score Beethoven sonates - stalag ii c - thomas, Fri Jun 24 23:39
    yes, i'm interested. i have a letter of the same prisoner.
    • beethoven sonates - Zeger Vandersteene, Sat Jun 25 12:59
      • sonates beethoven - stalag ii c - thomas, Sun Jun 26 10:27
        thanks for your offer. do you mean a copy or the original? you can send a copy via mail. if you would send it to me via post I'll give you my postal adress. i have a score of another prisoner for... more
        • Sonates Beethoven - Zeger Vandersteene, Sun Jun 26 13:18
          As it is a normal edition score ,it only could have a value as the original score ,so I have to send this by post . I don't need this score ;I am a singer ,not a pianist and found this score on a... more
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