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Re: stalag IIC stalag 2C
Tue Mar 24, 2015 14:11

yeah, i found a russian site with a lot of information about russian prisoners.

and i found out, that all the commandos of work have the numbers of 400 (401, 410, 432 ...)

A year ago i was in the greifswald cemetry and found a lot of russian names who were buried there.

  • Re: stalag IIC stalag 2C - Mikhail, Mon Mar 23 16:01
    Hi Thomas, Yes, I am still interested... Do you have any information? Thanks, /Mikhail
    • Re: stalag IIC stalag 2C - Anonymous, Tue Mar 24 14:11
      • Re: stalag IIC stalag 2C - Mikhail, Tue Mar 24 14:50
        Could you please refer me to the Russian site you found? What do you mean under "commandos of work"? Thanks!
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