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Zeger Vandersteene
a music score Beethoven sonates
Fri Mar 11, 2016 18:01

Iam a singer ,tenor and I found on a market a score (piano ,violin) and marked :Don Mariage -30968
Stalag IIC/XIII/153 Greifswald .
Could you be interested in ?

  • stalag IIC stalag 2C - Thomas, Mon Oct 31 10:20
    I'm looking for everything about the Stalag II C - Greifswald. Even Information or scan of photos or documents...
    • I found this 19x15 framed picture of a soldier by the name of Henri Carmois - au Stalag IIC - the photo is 9x7 in color...It is in excellent condition....found at a Goodwill . I could upload pic if... more
      • Photo stalag iic - Thomas, Mon Dec 11 21:30
        You could send me a svan of this picture (please both sides)
    • a music score Beethoven sonates - Zeger Vandersteene, Fri Mar 11 18:01
      • Re: a music score Beethoven sonates - stalag ii c - thomas, Fri Jun 24 23:39
        yes, i'm interested. i have a letter of the same prisoner.
        • beethoven sonates - Zeger Vandersteene, Sat Jun 25 12:59
          I could give you the score if you are interested in . How ?
          • sonates beethoven - stalag ii c - thomas, Sun Jun 26 10:27
            thanks for your offer. do you mean a copy or the original? you can send a copy via mail. if you would send it to me via post I'll give you my postal adress. i have a score of another prisoner for... more
            • Sonates Beethoven - Zeger Vandersteene, Sun Jun 26 13:18
              As it is a normal edition score ,it only could have a value as the original score ,so I have to send this by post . I don't need this score ;I am a singer ,not a pianist and found this score on a... more
    • war prisenor stalag 2C Greifswald - swolfs Leo, Sun Aug 25 21:39
      I hav some letters written by my grandfather Leon Swolfs (prisoners number 39043) from stalag 2C Greifswald prisoner from June 1940 till march - June 1941 He was Belgian and living in Geel Belgium... more
      • prisonnier stalag 2c - Anonymous, Tue Oct 6 16:09
        Bonjour, Mon Père Louis Devreux était prisonnier de guerre dans ce camp,Je sais qu'au début il est allé travailler dans une ferme, et qu'ensuite il a fait partie d'un komando qui travaillait dans une ... more
        • Prisonnier stalag 2c - Anonymous, Tue Oct 6 16:14
          Si cela peut vous être utile, vous pouvez me joindre via mon adresse e-mail : devreuxjacques@gmail.com
      • stalag 2c - helios, Sat Nov 2 14:16
        hi. the main camp was in greifswald, but the whole area was much bigger. it includes stettin (nowadays poland), isle of rugia, stralsund and in the south ueckermünde. so all the letters were stamped... more
      • Greifswald - Philip Baker, Fri Nov 1 11:13
        The most I can find out about Stalag 2C is in French: http://www.militaria1940.fr/t1240-camps-de-prisonniers-de-guerre-doc-5e-bureau (you have to scroll down to get to 2C). Wikipedia says:... more
    • P.O.W. LETTER - JESSICA, Mon Jul 15 23:27
      Hello, I have a rare P.O.W. Postcard written in 1943 from the infamous Stalag XVII-B to Stalag II-C between two brothers who were probably Chetniks. It should be pretty easy to translate if you can... more
    • Re: stalag IIC stalag 2C - Mikhail, Thu Apr 11 22:43
      Hello Thomas, Have you found anything? My father was a Russian prisoner Nr. 52424. I am also looking for any information. Today I have found some documents on a French board:... more
      • Re: stalag IIC stalag 2C - thomas hgw, Mon Mar 23 15:18
        Hi mikhail, are you still interested in information about Stalag II C?
        • Re: stalag IIC stalag 2C - Mikhail, Mon Mar 23 16:01
          Hi Thomas, Yes, I am still interested... Do you have any information? Thanks, /Mikhail
          • Re: stalag IIC stalag 2C - Anonymous, Tue Mar 24 14:11
            yeah, i found a russian site with a lot of information about russian prisoners. and i found out, that all the commandos of work have the numbers of 400 (401, 410, 432 ...) A year ago i was in the... more
            • Re: stalag IIC stalag 2C - Mikhail, Tue Mar 24 14:50
              Could you please refer me to the Russian site you found? What do you mean under "commandos of work"? Thanks!
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