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Brooke Starace
Online Assignment 6
Fri Oct 14, 2011 12:15pm

The Boyle book, to me, represents a book of potluck or chance. The book is full of different stories in which you never know if you’re going to get a story with an interesting plot or dull, pointless one. My impression of the Boyle stories is that they are all strange in their own with and for the most part unpredictable. Each of the four stories we’ve read have been unique with endings that surprised me.
Out of the Boyle stories we’ve read so far, one of my favorites has been “Modern Love”. I like this story, because it is fun to watch the narrator to chase after a germaphobic woman who is nuts. My favorite part of the story is the ending, when the crazy woman dumps the narrator because of a disease he has tested positive for. I feel sympathetic towards the narrator but find this ending humorous, because all the sacrifices he has made for this crazy woman are pointless in the long run.
Another Boyle story I enjoyed was “The Human Fly”. The braveness of one of the main characters, Zoltan, kept me entertained the majority of the story. The daringness of his stunts was exciting and showed Zoltan’s true insanity and desire to become famous. The ending of this story was sad but shocking to me. I did not expect Zoltan to die after the last stunt, simply because he had survived all the rest. Despite the depressing ending the overall story was inspirational.
Although these I enjoyed these two stories, I did not like all of the Boyle stories. I did not enjoy reading “On for the Long Haul” or “The Game”. I did not enjoy “On for the Long Haul”, because I did not like the characters of the story. I thought the characters were crazy and or odd and annoying. I also did not enjoy the plot which seemed to drag on for eternity. This story was not interesting enough for me talk about or recommend to anyone.
I also did not enjoy “The Game”. This story was centered on selfish, money- hungry characters who liked to kill animals. Although it seemed Bernard Puff felt bad when some of the animals were killed, money to him was more important, therefore he carried on his gruesome, hunting business. However, although I did not enjoy the story, I liked how Bessie Bee, the elephant, got revenge on the hunters in the end. I am hoping in the future, we read some more Boyle stories that will be interesting and I will enjoy.

    • Re: Online Assignment 6 - Sheree Beasley, Fri Oct 14 1:21pm
      In the Boyle book we have read four stories, I have really been enjoying the death section; the love section was just plain stupid. The only reason why I liked “The Game” was when Bessie Bee finally... more
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