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therese Dalheim
10/14 discussion
Fri Oct 14, 2011 1:07pm

I donít think I can say I have liked any of the stories. I find most of them interesting, but theyíre so cynical. My impression of the stories is that Boyle must be depressed or something. Every single one of the stories has a depressing ending. Whether the story is in the love section or the death section, the ending is terrible. Every story kind of has the same theme. These people have some crazy idea, something bad happens, then they die. Itís like I donít even have to read the story and i already know whatís going to happen. What I donít like about these stories is that all the characters are so dumb. For example, the guy in the story ďOn for the Long HaulĒ, like he couldnít honestly have thought Arkson wasnít scamming him. And, in ďModern LoveĒ, the guy was stupid for thinking she was going to have sex with him. Like no, she wants to live in a bubble, itís not going to happen. This being said, if I had to pick a favorite, it would probably be ďOn for the Long HaulĒ. I didnít like this story, but it was suspenseful and I was anxious to hear what happened in the end (even though I knew already because all of these stories end like that). I guess these stories are pretty interesting to read. They are very bizarre and they keep me entertained. In my opinion, Boyle is a good writer. His stories make you think and make you want to keep reading. There is always an underlying plot in his stories too which make you think. It is fun to try and figure out what point he is trying to make in his stories. My overall impression of these stories is that they are the right stories for someone. I personally donít like them, but that doesnít mean everybody doesnít like them. They are well written and interesting, I just donít like how any of them end. The stories are all very bizarre, odd things happen to odd people.

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    My impression of the Boyle stories so far is that they are odd. None of the stories we have read so far are anything I would particularly choose to read on my own, but I also havenít been bored... more
    • 10/14 discussion - therese Dalheim, Fri Oct 14 1:07pm
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