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Sheree Beasley
Re: Online Assignment 6
Fri Oct 14, 2011 1:21pm

In the Boyle book we have read four stories, I have really been enjoying the death section; the love section was just plain stupid.
The only reason why I liked “The Game” was when Bessie Bee finally got her revenge, it was said that she killed the people that did not do anything to her, but what else you can expect from an animal that has been abused her whole life. The husband and wife probably deserved it, they were not the best people in the world neither was their daughter. The husband was a know it all jerk, while his wife was a show off bitch.
As for “On the long haul” that whole family was nothing, but a bunch of wimps. Anybody that believes what a relistate /ammunition seller has to say about the world ending probably should go and hide forever. The husband and wife need to get a grip, they are setting a bad example to their daughters, and they need to face the world head on not hide.
In “The Human Fly” I think is the best ones we have read so far, the way he looked death in the face, and spat at him was amazing. Although no one could have the bravery that he showed, but we can learn to try to do what we can while are here on this earth and try to be notice; try to live life to the fullest. The only thing I did not like was when he was jumping the trucks; it seemed pretty obvious that he was going to die. I was hoping for a better ending then that, I’m not heartless I am sad that he died, but I wanted something better than that.
The worst one of all was “Modern Love” he was stupid from the start to date her, she was nuts from the very beginning; why would you want to date someone that like tofu and can’t stand to be around germs. Ok he was a desperate, but really how desperate do you have to be to go out with a nut job like that. It was funny that he had to wear a full body condom for her to have sex with him, but I would have said stop as soon as she made me take all of those tests.

  • Online Assignment 6 - Brooke Starace, Fri Oct 14 12:15pm
    The Boyle book, to me, represents a book of potluck or chance. The book is full of different stories in which you never know if you’re going to get a story with an interesting plot or dull, pointless ... more
    • Re: Online Assignment 6 - Sheree Beasley, Fri Oct 14 1:21pm
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