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Delia McCaul
10/14 Online Discussion
Fri Oct 14, 2011 4:47pm

So far, I have to say that the Boyle stories are very different from anything I have read in the past. The are very interesting, and I never know what weird thing will happen next. Boyle has very unique stories, and quite an imagination. Overall, I enjoy the stories because they usually keep my interest. However, there was one story that I didn't like. "On for the Long Haul" was a little to crazy for me and I wasn't following the story as much. Between the paranoid family, and psycotic neighbor I thought that the story was a little to creepy. I normally do not mind reading stories about death, but I was not expecting so many horrible things to happen to the Wemps. I did however like that the names of all the characters were related to their personalitys in the story. I thought that was a very creative thing that the author tied in. My favorite story from the Boyle book would have to be "The Human Fly." I thought that the character of Zoltan was very entertaining and mysterious. He made me want to keep reading, because I was that eager to see what would happen next. All the crazy stunts were fun to imagine, and also very scary to think about. Although the story did have its' crazy parts, it was also very realistic. It seems that all anyone cares about is money and fame, and thats what the story showed. Zoltans one last wish was to be famous, and the agents were doing anything they could to make money off of him. I am excited to read more of the Boyle stories. I hope they continue to get better, and broaden my knowledge in literature. After reading these stories, I am definetly more open to a different types of readings.

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