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Sharnesha Brentley
Online Dicussion 10/21/2011
Fri Oct 21, 2011 12:25pm

The Boyle paper has been a bit boring and kind of difficult to write. The reason I’ve had some difficulty writing it is because at first I had no idea what two stories to use since Modern love and Carnal Knowledge were omitted. So it took me about two days to think about what else could I write about and make a strong point or compare and contrast easily. Finally, I thought about a paper I wrote in eighth grade about greed and corruption based on one of the short tales from Canterbury Tales. That particular story reminded me of Bernard Puff from “Big Game” and the selfish agent for “The Human Fly” For the Boyle paper I have decided to do a compare and contrast paper. However, I do sort of introduce a theme so I would say that I’ve overlapped the two. I’m not sure if that’s acceptable but the two just kind of came together. The two stories I chose were both in the death section. The two short stories were “Big Game” and “The Human Fly.” I plan to write about how the characters both from different stories displayed such a greedy and inconsiderate personality. I also explain how the two greedy characters differ from each other but overall share some similar traits. As the paper continues I do the same for the supporting characters as well. I describe how the Bender family and Zoltan are the more vulnerable and naïve in throughout the story. The Bender family enters Bernard Puff’s big game preserve totally unprepared for what’s about to happen to them. The family’s only concern is to get fur for home decorations. Similar to the Bender family, Boyle creates Zoltan to represent a weak, helpless character that only wants to be famous and sacrifices a lot just for the fame while his agent does little to nothing to reap the benefits. I believe that the author is trying to say that “Greed is the root of all evil.” He wants the reader to know that certain people will do anything for money. People will overall lose moral respect, just to gain more for themselves.

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