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Tanika Reddon
online discussion 10/21
Fri Oct 21, 2011 1:52pm

For the Boyle paper, I have decided to do compare/contrast because I feel that it will be easier to explain the stories as well as come to a conclusion about what the theme is. The two stories that I have chosen to write about is On For the Long Haul and Big Game. One of the main things I’ll discuss in my paper is the similarities and differences in characters. For example, Wemp’s objective was to make sure him and his family was safe. He would share a similarity with Bessie Bee because she wanted to protect herself from being killed. The difference would come in when you take a look at the outcome. Wemp was unsuccessful because he didn’t have the willpower to protect himself. Bessie Bee on the other hand, fought for her life and ended up killing her attackers and surviving in the end. Another thing I want to talk about in my paper is the direct outcome and indirect outcome. In On for the Long Haul, readers were left to make their own inference on what happened to Wemp. However in Big Game, we knew exactly what happened to the Benders and the narrator and also how they died a very painful death.
I believe that Boyle is concluding that it doesn’t matter what you are, animal, human, anything- if you have the ability to defend yourself then you have a better chance of surviving. Readers automatically assumed that just because Wemp had a gun that he would he would have a better chance at staying alive which we found was not true. Just like readers automatically passed judgment to think that Bessie Bee would be killed solely because she was a helpless “old” elephant fighting against humans with guns in which she surprised everyone. He is also concluding that in order to survive, you always have to be fully prepared. Even though they had guns in the story Big Game, they weren’t expecting to be attacked by Bessie Bee making the Benders as well as Puff unprepared. In On For the Long Haul, Cullum was fully prepared. He was not only equipped with weapons, but also knew how to use them. In contrast, Wemp was only prepared with a gun. He had no clue how to use it which gave readers the insight that he had automatically loss that battle.

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