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Delia McCaul
10/28 discussion
Fri Oct 28, 2011 4:45pm

While writing my Boyle paper I was having a lot of trouble trying to figure out the deeper meaning of the stories. I was trying to understand what Boyle was implying in his stories. I started overthinking it, and I think that's what might have messed me up the most. I have also not written an analysis paper before, therefore I was not used to writing something like this. I felt much more comfortable writing the narrative because it is something I'm used to.
When writing papers, I tend to finish before the minimum length required. I then have to go back, a figure out ways to make the paper longer. I think that doing that makes my writing worse, because nothing flows as well as it did before. Fortunately, I had so much information and things to discuss in this paper that I did not come across that problem. I was pleased with that, and am glad I didn't have to go back to add more.
Overall I do not feel very confident about my paper. I definitely regret putting it off to the last minute. I should have started on it much sooner than I did. I should have met with Mr. Bates and had him look over a rough draft. Not only would it have helped my grade, but I would have had a better understanding of what to write about. Not only would this have helped my grade out, but the paper would have been much easier to write and taken a lot less time. I can safely say that I have learned from my mistakes, and I plan on doing much better on our next assignment. I know the proper adjustments to make, and I need to be more responsible and actually make them this time.

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