Chris Kidd
Online Discussion 10/28
Fri Oct 28, 2011 4:54pm

The hardest part of the paper for me was pinpointing exactly what theme Boyle was trying to convey. I have never been good at analyzing stuff and didnít practice much of it in actual English. I felt the mood of the paper was different since I was explain the message I got from Boyle. As I read the two stories again money and greed stuck out like a sore thumb, but I wasnít yet exactly sure what Boyleís main message was. At first I would think I had a pretty good idea about what Boyle was saying, but as I started to add textual support to my paper I saw different correlation between the characters that I had not seen until I was searching through both stories side by side. This would force me change my thesis more than once. This is turn made my paper struggle because I had the facts but the organization began to go downhill once I started changing my intro up. I had trouble picking out quotes that I thought were relevant and ones that supported what I was trying to say.
I thought the easiest part was the explanation part of the theme paper. I felt it was easy to see what Boyle was trying to say about the theme throughout and I tried to support that with quotes as much as possible. I analyzed on for the long haul and the human fly, where money and greed sort of weasel their way into getting the characters killed. I enjoyed how the paper was set up because it was different from just telling a story. Expressing your opinion on something is way more interesting and easier since you have the book to back you up.
My analysis was pretty rough I changed up my thesis a couple times leaving some insignificant information in some paragraphs. I believe I got my message across but the reader probably had to take a second and recap all the facts and quotes that get throw out there. I tried to write it all in one day as usual so I feel like my intro is ok, and then from there on out it gets pretty slippery. I know next time I wonít let this happen.

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    Now that you have completed the Boyle paper, what was the greatest challenge about the paper for you? What did you find least challenging about it? How well do you think your analysis went?
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      The greatest challenge for me when writing the Boyle paper was choosing the best stories to compare and contrast. Picking the stories was the most challenging primarily because it was so time... more
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      The Boyle paper proved more challenging then I thought it would be. At first I thought doing a theme paper would be simple. The most challenging part was definitely the development of the characters. ... more
    • Online Discussion 10/28 - Chris Kidd, Fri Oct 28 4:54pm
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      Erin Schwartz Now that I have completed writing the Boyle paper I think that the hardest part was trying to find quotes and specific parts from the text to support my writing. I basically had to re... more
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      The T.C. Boyle paper was somewhat of a struggle for me to write. I enjoy writing narrative papers rather than analysis papers. In high school we were required to write many analysis papers because of ... more
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      Now that I have finished the paper, the greatest challenge for me in writing it was deciding to write a theme or compare and contrast paper. I finally decided on a theme paper, but I went back and... more
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      Completing the Boyle paper is a huge relief. The greatest challenge to me in writing this paper was finding the right theme to write on. I didn't want to write on the stories we had read either. I... more
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      While writing the T.C. Boyle paper the hardest part was finding all of the right quotes. For some it was so easy to find many good quotes but for others I had to reread the story a few times to find... more
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      Having completed the Boyle paper, I found that my biggest challenges were reading between the lines and finding details between stories that were similar. Because sometimes when reading these... more
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      The biggest challenge I had while writing the Boyle paper was picking a direction. I could not decide which stories I wanted to compare. I also couldnít decide if I wanted to compare and contrast... more
    • 10/28 - Sheree Beasley, Fri Oct 28 1:19pm
      Since I have finished the paper, I think it went very well. The only thing that was challenging was the contrasting, because it seemed like there was not enough to go by with it. I only happened to... more
    • Re: 10/28 Discussion - Tyler Onuska, Fri Oct 28 1:19pm
      For me, the greatest challenge about writing the Boyle paper was summarizing the two short stories. I wrote a compare and contrast paper about "On for the Long Haul" and "The Human Fly", and at times ... more
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      I thought this paper was going to be really hard, but it wasnít. I first started out with the compare and contrast paper, rather than the theme paper. I could not find a way to describe the stories... more
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      Aside from being relieved that I finished my Boyle paper, I feel I did fairly well on it. The greatest challenge I faced writing this paper was trying not to summarize it. I felt in order to pick out ... more
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      I am very relieved to have the Boyle paper finished and turned in. For me the hardest thing about the Boyle paper was making picking out the information that was most valuable in the two stories. I... more
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      Now that I have finally written and turned in my Boyle paper, it is easy to look back on it and think about how I did. I was really glad I brought it to Mr. Bates so he could look at it before I... more
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      Now that I have completed the Boyle paper, I feel that my analysis went well. The greatest challenge while writing this paper was having to explain the stories without making the whole paragraph a... more
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      I am really relieved that the Boyle paper is over. This paper was so much different then the personal narrative that we did. I found it much more challenging to figure out what to write about. I am... more
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      Itís kind of a relief that I actually finished the T.C Boyle paper. This particular paper was really difficult for me to write in the beginning for several reasons. One being that I really wasnít... more
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      The greatest challenge that I had on the Boyle paper was getting started and figuring out what I was going to write about. I had not even thought about the paper till the week before it was due, but... more
    • 10/28 Discussion - Courtney Riddle, Fri Oct 28 9:19am
      After completing the Boyle paper, I felt like the largest challenge was learning not to summarize a story, and of course staying on topic. Although I struggled a little trying not to summarize, I... more
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