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Aaron Key
No Subject
Fri Nov 4, 2011 11:40am

Argument papers have never been my strength, but that is not because they are hard to write, it is because it is hard to choose a topic. I am very indecisive most the time and have trouble making decisions so when it comes to writing a four-page paper; I have trouble deciding what the topic is going to be. A couple different topics that I am considering writing about are whether or not professional swimmers should be able to wear any type of fastskin. Fastskins are swimsuits that are made to make a swimmer move faster in the water. The somewhat buoyant, and are water-resistant, so it is the closest thing to skin that a swimmer could wear. Just recently FINA (government of swimming) had decided to make most fastskins illegal. There were many mixed feelings on whether or not this was a good idea or not. Once the rule came into effect, times were immediately slower. Without the suits, times were not improving but actually slowing down. Were the suits really that helpful? The fight over whether or not the suits could be worn was a battle of old timers verses new timers. Just recently there was a new president of FINA and he was pro old time. Fortunately he did not get rid of all fastskins, which lessened the issue. If I wrote on this subject I would most definitely be for bringing back the fastskin. Being a swimmer, fastskins add to the fun of the sport. I do not consider the suit to be cheating, because if everyone is wearing the suit then it is equal. At all the big swim meets I attend, every person I see has the newest, fastest suit. I feel as if there is no difference between wearing the fastskin and not wearing one. The times will all be consistent with one another, the ties will just be slower without the suits. While there will always be complaining, whining, fussing, etc., there is nothing anyone can do to change the rule. Unfortunately we will have to wait until a new president is hired for FINA before we will see fastskins again.

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