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Brooke Starace
Online Discussion 9
Fri Nov 4, 2011 1:43pm

So far, there are two topics I have been thinking about doing for the argumentative paper. The first topic would be the effects of tanning beds on the body. When writing about this topic, I would be more negative towards the use of tanning beds. I would discuss the danger of the intensity of U.V rays in tanning beds and the damage ultraviolet radiation does to the skin, such as premature aging, wrinkles, blistering, leathering, and so on. I then would talk about how tanning beds are a leading cause of melanoma, a skin cancer that can be fatal. Also, I would clear up many myths and wrong information that people believe about tanning beds such as it is a safe, controlled environment to get a tan or a couple minutes in the bed at a time will not damage your skin. I would also describe ways to get tan without having to put your body through the stress and harm of the tanning bedís ultraviolet radiation. This topic would be important to discuss, because many people donít understand how dangerous and risky tanning beds are. Explaining to the class facts and evidence about the dangers of tanning could influence fellow classmates to decrease or even quit their use of tanning beds.
Another topic Iíve been thinking about writing my paper on is the negative effects of mountaintop mining. Mountaintop mining is a very popular source of mining in the Appalachian area. This type of mining removes the tops of mountains in order to mine coal for energy production. I would write about how this process is damaging to the Appalachian Mountains and the environment and or communities around them. I would also speak of how this type of mining can damage and dry up waterways and local community wells and damage the foundations of local housing. I would also state how mountaintop mining is not needed because it does not produce majority of our countryís energy, therefore we could easily survive without it.
Both topics are very informative and would address facts and issues that the class might not have known. I am planning on researching more about the topics this weekend to see which one sticks out the most to me. This is going to be a tricky decision, but I am excited to pick a topic and start writing.

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