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Sharnesha Brentley
Online Discussion 11/11/11
Fri Nov 11, 2011 12:41pm

I believe I will stick with more funding for educational programs to help alleviate illiteracy throughout America since my idea of college athletes getting paid wasnít good enough. For my research process Iíve just been browsing the internet looking at many articles, videos and other informative websites with information about illiteracy rates from the past and the present. I have also searched through the library database to find some articles that dealt with my topic. However, I have been extremely busy so I havenít really looked over any of my sources. Today and this weekend are going to be dedicated to completing the argument paper. Though I havenít really reviewed my sources thoroughly, I have made a decision to argue that funding should be increased for some educational programs. I have a clear idea of the key points I want to make, so now all I need is support from my resources to make valid points in my paper. Since I havenít really looked through my all of my resources I am unaware of the ones that may be less helpful. Even though videos arenít one of the valid sources for the argument paper I have found them very useful. Though I canít use the information from the videos, watching them and seeing how everyday illiterates live has given me some sense of how I should approach my audience. I find this paper less difficult than the other papers because I have the opportunity to basically form an opinion and validate it by using many resources. Even though I am a pretty quiet person in class, I love to argue, itís something that I thrive off of. I get a kick out of conflict and proving myself to people until the eventually understand and believe what I am saying is the truth. This paper is easier to prepare for than the others as well because the research process is easy (depending on the topic) there are so many resources available especially on the Joyner Library website. There are so many databases that can help pull out some great information for many topics.

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